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These are the notes to a new book I'm presently working on. Anyone interested in these ideas should contact me at: lloyd.gillespie@gmail.com

The Universal Isomorphic Algorithm__UIA = ∑∫∏v --> IC/M Iff / ≡ ∑’s •…(The universal isomorphic algorithm equals the sum of the integral product variables, impling the isomorphic center of mass, if and only if divided identical to the sum’s center…)

The notes are listed further down the page...

Anyone interested in my work, I sure could use financing to finish the book based on these notes, and completeness theorems.
Thanks, L.A.Gillespie mailto:lloyd.gillespi@gmail.com
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A Search For Universal Justice...
Wisdom Logic - The Final Stage of Philosophy - A Universal Wisdom of Universal Justice Can Be Taught
The Universal Super-Conscious Soul and Mind...
The Many Levels of Perception
A Newtonian Universal Capitalist Symmetry...
New Beginnings...
"--- Has anyone considered the real depth of investigation needed to reveal the true root causes of our dire political problems? Are we truly intelligent enough to understand the depth of subject required? What is the overwhelming root force/entity and its evolution to the present quagmire? Does anyone even care?"
"--- The neural generation. Could a whole world be wrong? As we economically drift toward WWIII.... How do we talk? The male and female spirit battle is blocking the advance of truth and technical logic. Look outside yourself. There's a whole new world. The problem - "We only understand our own thinking and no one else's and can't or won't learn." Everyone is too insecure to see the truth. The world is too insecure to see through itself to the truth. People - Defending their own thinking - Life - Why talk? - All we're going to do is defend our own thinking! Has this created the poisoned American spirit? Drop subconscious's and go conscious."
"---There's a wolf in the system... He was born of your laws. He roams from Maine to California - Alaska to Florida - Hawaii to D.C., and Chicago to New York... He is a hungry wolf. He tears into your hind quarters, clear to the bone, with a vicious set of teeth. He is simply after your wallet. He is the [international] speculation wolf, and he operates legally under your floating exchange law system, to rip the very soul from your nation. He will succeed unless you try to understand how he feeds............"
"--- We need a fixed value monetary system. At the present time, we have none. Under floating exchanges, America is simply a powerful ship on an ocean, with no rudder. Old gold, silver, and other known standards will no longer work. They will not work due to the massive increases in communication's speed, the varied endowments of nations' natural resources, and encrypted international speculative opportunities. Therefore, we need a new system. INTERNAL EXCHANGE CLEARING is such a system. It is an entirely new fixed value enhancing - [production standard] - monetary system, to benefit all humankind."
"--- The citizen of the ideal state will require a currency for the purpose of every day expenses; This is practically indispensable for workers of all kinds and for such purposes as the payment of wages to wage earners. To meet these requirements, the citizen will possess a currency which will pass for value among themselves, but will not be accepted outside their own boundaries. But a stock of some currency common to the Hellenic world generally i.e., of international currency, will at all times be kept by the state for military expenditures or official missions abroad such as embassies and for any other necessary purposes of state. If a private citizen has occasion to go abroad, he will make his application to the government and go; and upon his return if he has any foreign currency left over in his possession, he will hand it over to the state receiving in exchange the equivalent in local currency." Plato
"--- Intelligence wandered into town one day, looking for a friend. After meeting mediocrity and inanity, any town's overwhelming majority, he wondered even if his quest were possible? Already having visited many other towns and cities and finding no luck in meeting a friend, his spirit was growing dim; however, he could not stop, but where was he to look..................?"
The Epistemological Wall of Uncertainty - Breached!
A New Epistemological Psychology and Philosophy!
The Epistemology of Cognition
The Spirit Balance of Scientific Self-Certainty!
The Will To Know Self and The Matrix of Intuitive Understanding!
A Mind Map of Self - A Mind Map of The Future!
The Primal Reptilian Essence and The Universal Concepts of The Soul!
Instinct - The Supra-Natural Intelligence!
The Intuitive Trickster - Wisdom!
A Completeness Theorem... - The Conceptual Truth of Self-Certainty!
The Soul of Logic - A Completed Moral Logic System!
{My goal - Write an international constitution to create a law and money standard based on the fundamental laws of nature.}
"You must think big ideas to advance." L.G.
"The fundamental law of the law is the constitution, and the fundamental laws of the constitution are the fundamental laws of nature, science and logic - or mind and person." L.G.
I have had a breakthrough, and discovered a new path, to scientific natural law logic. I have discovered scientific logic systems that can and will change the world. I have discovered scientific logic systems large enough to destroy or save the world. I have discovered how to create scientific moral logic systems of newly discovered natural law. I have discovered a scientific logic system superior to the "Right." Using the cognitive intellectual logical faculty, and adhering to absolute equilibriated objectivism... Scientific logic systems can be built from the fundamental natural laws to solve the world's problems. I can show you how to use scientific natural law's moral equilibrium logic to best Boolean, machine logic and the "Right's" natural law logic. I tore the whole system apart, and put it back together with the scientific natural laws. I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt, that the separation of private financial powers and state financial powers is required, to safely advance all nations, by new scientific natural law logic systems. A superior scientific natural law argument can be based on philanthropy, entropy and equilibrium. The scientific natural laws can be used as a logic system proof, of John Nash's equilibriums, superiority over Adam Smith's supply and demand, and David Ricardo's comparative advantage natural laws. In other words, a democratic scientific logic system can be built to best the "Right's" natural law, and state law logic systems... In order to advance civilization, scientific logic requires, the separation of state financial powers, and commercial financial powers.
"To develop the skill of correct thinking is in the first place to learn what you have to disregard. In order to go on, you have to know what to leave out; this is the essence of effective thinking." Kurt Godel
A U.S. Constitution Completeness - The U.S. Constitution requires a XXVIII'th amendment, to solve America's and the rest of the world's problems. This amendment is necessary because of the incompleteness of the existing U.S. Constitution. The present state of capitalism and U.S. Constitutional law can be proven mathematically incomplete, by natural equilibrium law, first discovered by John Nash, around 1950. A completed constitution is one where the greatest good is best served by the highest equilibrium possibe, of new constitutional laws. This certainly is not now the case. The natural law of equilibrium is the highest of all the natural laws, thus should be respected so... Only your deepest soul sees the world truly, and the above can be clearly seen by any honest person. The incompleteness of human understanding can only be enhanced toward completeness by truly realizing America needs a 28'th amendment based on the natural moral, mathematical law of absolute equilibrium.
The natural moral, mathematical law of philanthropic equilibrium can produce superior systems of universal economic justice. The power of the above's natural law ideas, creates law with teeth, as ideas connected to the natural laws have real teeth and true power. You see, the rudimentary problem is the U.S. Constitution's incompleteness, from our founding fathers on. Both Jefferson and Franklin offered completeness solutions, in their day, but these ideas did not make it into the original document - They should have. Franklin's works offer an international bank to manage the offshore tax havens, and Jefferson's works offered the 11'th amendment against monopolies. Many throughout history have offered these same solutions, from Plato to Keynes and our own Paul Davidson, but they have not been instituted, as they should have been. Isn't it about time?
The natural moral, mathematical law of equilibrium demands an evolution of the U.S. Constitution. Natural equilibrium law demands a separation of powers to balance the U.S. Constitution in a perfect universal competition of markets, to create a true universal justice. The completeness of the separation of powers for the U.S. Constitution can be accomplished by simply creating and adding a 28'th amendment. The incompleteness of the separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution is glaringly obvious, when its is simply pointed out, and historical knowledge teaches us that natural equilibrium law works best under the widest separation of powers possible. We need a higher equilibriating U.S. Constitution, beyond Godel's constitutional incompleteness.
Remember, true moral, mathematical liberty is equilibrium, and absolute liberty is absolute equilibrium! The ideal is the absolute equilibrium of your law structures, and the problem only exists because there is no rudimentary natural moral law thinking. The natural laws grant the only way out of the semi-entropic systems. The higher ideas and natural laws of philanthropy and equilibrium are the only ideas and laws to best the lower ideas and natural laws of supply and demand, comparative advantage, and free trade. The fundamental house of naturally equilibriated laws, will be, and is, our only true savior. The rights of liberty, justice, and equality is a natural law of absolute equilibrium - The scales of true justice - The balance of all! The highest spirit of the law is the highest natural equilibrium - possible!
Is capitalism balanced? No! Let's write the sliding time scale law structure to balance it into an ideal and scientific universal justice! The #1 fundamental natural law of universal justice - Divide supply and demand into a multi-directional supply and demand, or, put money in competition with money, globally, and scientific universal justice can be achieved! It all comes down to, "If we set up government, all government, in business in competition with existing private commercial business, we can unilaterally make unlimited reasonable use of the printing press."
A Completeness Theorem - A tautology of universal completeness - Due to scientifically accepted facts of the incompletenesses of all present knowledge and logic systems, and the fact that we have never learned to talk the absolute truth, this self-logical proof is deemed necessary - The scientific universal truth, knowledge and wisdom of man, excluding the completenesses of cosmic balances, laws and truths, does not and can not exist in the incompletenesses of the past's and present's injustices. The scientific universal truth, knowledge and wisdom of man, excluding the completenesses of cosmic balances, laws and truths, can exist only in the future's ideal state of scientific universal justice, grounded in natural law. Tis a logical imperative, due to the past's and present's incompletenesses, that absolute true truth, knowledge and wisdom must be drawn from a perfected state future universal wisdom, truth and scientific logic, of the ideal universal completenesses! The incompleteness within the completeness, turned to the ideal state of scientific completeness, is the only absolute truth, and is based on the completeness of the fundamental natural laws in a true relationship to man's state laws, and fundamental scientific self-certainty, also based on the fundamental natural law of balance! The universal laws are completenesses within themselves. Properly used, they are the scientific proofs of themselves, and all universal reality! These natural fundamental laws are a self-logical proof, in and of themselves, of a natural spirit origin, due to the circular fact of logic itself, grounded in the very essence of our own moral/ethical spirit nature! Thus, the #1 law of absolute truths is - Absolute truths can only be drawn from the fundamental natural, moral/ethical laws - the only truly grounded reality!
The law of scientific cognitive self-logic - The essence of fundamental righteous, moral/ethical, self-judgment over judgment is the king of the self! The soul is the only source of such righteous self-judgment, thus the intuitive moral/ethical soul exists! The lightening fast laws of mind are governed by the positive energy moral/ethical soul, the only possible answer, as all other energies are yin yang combos, and man can't think that fast! Thus, man is created with a mind and soul smarter than he is! This is the competition between intuitive trickster energy and fundamentally principled, moral/ethical, soul energy. There are also three free wills - subtle soul will, subtle trickster will and our spirit's stronger will. This is the law of fundamental scientific, moral/ethical self-logic, almost beyond man's ability to know its total self-functioning! The reverse engineering of logic and judgment shown in the fundamentally principled natural, moral/ethical laws is proof of a logical spirit producing the essences of logic and judgment in the first place! A discovery of the miraculous! The natural fundamental law of righteous, moral/ethical, principled self-judgment of judgment, is the supreme conceptual law of man's nature! It's signature is our natural soul!
1.Overview - Comparative Advantage...
The Long Process of Salvaging Capitalism - A Superior Form of Capitalism
A Computerized Capitalism - Agreement By A Supra-International Constitution
A Unified Balance of Law Systems Is The Imperative of Global Solutions
The International Democracy of New Laws and Constitutions
A New Supply and Demand
A Framework For A Universal International Democratic Constitution to Unite All Nations' Politics, Religions, Economic and Trade Systems, Creeds, Beliefs, Ideologies, and Isms, Through The Universal Central Axis of Godelian Intuitive Truth and Wisdom Logic.
The International Constitution of Globalization - A Democratic Monetary Constitution - A Constitution of Global Capitalist Democracy
The Ultimate and Scientific Laws of Balances
A Universal Democracy - Universal Justice
Democracy's Survival Requires The Middle Road of Exchange Clearing.
A Fairer Form of Capitalism - Internal Exchange Clearing
A Global Public Works P.X. Marshall Plan - Internal Exchange Clearing and Triple Entry Banking - A Transactions' Truth
The 500yr. History of Natural, Accidental Exchange Clearing
The Scientific Grounded Ideas of Balance!
The World's Imbalance of Wages and Resources
Supply and Demand - The Fundamental House of Money!
The Mechanics of History Is Money!
A World On The Edge of Completeness of Consciousness - The East, West, Boolean Logic, and The Trickster In The Middle - Islam!
The Soul of Technological Logic - A Completed Fundamentally Principled Moral/Ethical Soul of Technological Logic Systems!
"Without global democracy, national democracy is impossible." George Monbiot
"Without global transformation, national transformations are impossible." George Monbiot
"If we set a [production] standard of value (to control inflation and exchange rates) in one fifth of the entire economy, we can make real unlimited use of the printing press –– while liquidating all state debts." L.G.
"Without Isaac Newton, we'd be floating on a cloud." Dr. House
"Put money on a 20% wage and production standard and we can effectively print real wealth." LG
"If we institute reasonable production standards, we can institute triple entry banking." LG
"The 3rd world is acting as a production standard, to control inflation, on the developed world." LG
"All problems using crude money can be overcome by internal exchange clearing!" L.G.
"As far as globalization, our “shadow banking and market economies” are now operating externally. We must return them to internal operations." L.G.
"As long as we implement a completely revamped monetary law system, we can institute triple entry banking and solve our problems." LG
"Take the entire external exchange rate mechanism and make it function internally, and you can build a healthy world." LG
"The computer, by necessity of markets, will evolve the world to internal exchange clearing." LG
"Since the first wave agricultural revolution only required single entry banking, and the second wave industrial revolution invented and required double entry banking, then the third wave technological revolutions will invent and require triple entry banking." LG
"All nations need a balance of payments system they can live with." Paul Davidson
"Internal exchange clearing is a massive "Marshall Plan" for the entire world - every nation." LG
"If you harness money through a balancing law system, it will multiply." L.J.Gillespie
"The past is wrong, we must look into the future to find right." LG
"Advanced thinking is impossible, without first finding what's wrong with present thinking." LG
"If you harness money through a balancing international constitution, it will multiply." L.J.G.
"Without an international clearing house, national democracies are now impossible of surviving." LG
***"We must have a global balance of payments system capable of self-liquidating national debts." Paul Davidson
***"If you harness money through a clearing house it will multiply." L.J.Gillespie
"It's a dog eat dog world - Ya gotta build a bigger dog to improve the system." LG
"If we can logically imagine it, we can build it!" LG
"The perfect system is a legal paper gold standard, through new laws." LG
"Without a full understanding of the foreign exchange markets, all discussion of economic science and politics is invalid." LG
"The greater the expansion of money markets and forward exchange, under massively imbalanced floating exchanges, the more national debts must increase, due to excessive speculations." LG
"Massively imbalanced floating exchanges increase the size and system costs of money markets and forward exchange markets, due to massive increases in speculation." LG
"The overwhelming preponderance of facts shows massively imbalanced floating exchanges to be the number one problem. Floating exchanges just pour fictitious wealth into speculators pockets, through their shadow banking and market system." LG
"All goals must be achieved through exchange rate reform. All goals will be defeated without exchange rate reform." LG
"You're not going to balance the budget and trade imbalances, until you balance the exchanges." LG
"Truth is determined by the closest road to perfection." A.
"The only reason there's a massive "Global Economy" is exchange rates are out of balance." LG
"Vast technological abilities are being strangled by a failing economic system." LG
"International trade determines prices." LG
"We fought against communism so long, we forgot we had to fight for markets." LG
"A large part of foreign trade is financed by depreciated forward exchange." Paul Einzig
The paramount imperative is system survival.
The issue is - How do you make this a great nation - Again? We must change the law systems! We need international law reform!
We need a global constitution to balance currencies and purchasing price parities.
The #1 law of solutions - All world problems can be solved by respecting the natural universal law of balance!
A symmetrical international constitution based on the fundamental laws of nature, creating a universal standard of value, is required to create true universal justice.
Roosevelt financed The New Deal, war and all debts and loans with the Bretton Woods System!
The law of political philanthropy - Semi-philanthropic systems have been and are a fact of life, and will be even more so as the leisure age approaches! The evolution of political and economic philanthropy is and has been a tremendously beneficial fact of life, since charity started, on into Marxist socialist states, and on further into today's social safety net systems!
Universal justice will be found in the internal balances of all autonomous nations. If all nations balance their internal affairs, they will be automatically balanced externally. This can be accomplished by the separation of supply and demand, into two competing supply and demand markets, internally!
An economic, universal justice system of supply and demand computerized databases, based on Boolean logic and sliding time scale law structures, with dynamic pricing balances, can be built and implemented world wide, to solve our over-pressing problems! Derivatives database supply and demand, the world's largest economic reality, is controlling the entire planet, now! This, my friends, must change!
We have the ability to computerize capitalism into balance, solve our problems, and honor the entirety of human yearnings.
A random computer code based on a sliding time scale of adjustments toward a balance of exchange rates and a balance of payments, fully encrypted and state secretly implemented - fully secretly is needed!
The world is computerizing itself to save itself from man!
International financial architecture regulation...
Computers will force balanced or cleared exchanges on us.
Computer programs and international constitutions can be written to properly balance the electronic empires and the rights of man - the people.
The international financial architecture is computerized on the profit motive only. It needs to be computerized on the public good motive. [use Nash's equilibrium theories and laws to prove]
We have the technology and ability to write a computer program to honestly re-balance global finances. [use Nash and Franklin ideas]
We have the technology and ability to computerize suzeraintic capitalism into honest government and finance.
The Heinz-57 capitalisms and the Heinz-57 totalitarianisms can be computerized into incorruptible and honest capitalism.
We must computerize capitalism to save the world from financial destruction, because the big boys in the tall buildings have learned how to computer rob the entire system. [Boolean logic]
The massive problem of computerized speculation of financial markets requires a new computerization of international capitalism, to rectify.
Computerized systems can control prices to allow semi-free printing of taxes.
The semi-philanthropic capitalist fix - Possible? - Yes!
A proper international financial architecture and international constitution could increase global liberty by 10% per year and reduce global wars by 10% per year.
***Anything but international financial architecture reform is utopian dreaming. We need A New, New Deal International Financial Architecture.
We can use "The Fixed Exchange Variant" where all central banks actively market balance exchange rates. [many nations already are]
The moral high ground for exchange clearing is the elimination of poverty and war.
Hear's a clear goal - We must democratize the international financial architecture to democratize the local economies into real sustainability.
If you balanced all the world's balance of payments - exchange rates and purchasing price parities, you would save enough to pay all the world's debts.
Balance can be financed by the profits of a future re-balancing efficiency.
Further, it is in America's self-interest to adopt exchange clearing before hegemony passes from her to China.
All your answers are in the understanding of the total international financial architecture - the monetary system.
A strong central government of printed public works...
A strong central government is defined by its equilibriated value system of financial markets and laws.
Public works expands the public purse - War - WWI and WWII.
The Many Superior Forms of Globalization and Capitalism
There are five alternative systems - Reverse Incentive Capitalism - Tally Computer Capitalism - Public and Private Enterprise Capitalism - International Currency Clearing Capitalism and The Fixed/Equilibriated Exchange Variant - That's three forms of internal exchange clearing and two forms of external exchange clearing.
Computer controlled supply and demand perfect competition...
The answer - supply and demand in competition with supply and demand.
Supply and demand - The hierarchical entity must be divided to create universal financial/economic truth and justice.
Sustainability - Money governing money!
The capitalist level playing field has been being reduced since `73___The deregulation demon.
Evolution will force the fundamental house of exchange clearing on the world, or evolution will force heaven on earth on the world - An absolute requirement of spirit, through money systems evolution!
The self-responsibility of money - E=1/5X.
A cooperative competition - E=1/5X.
2.What is wrong with capitalism's law system? All laws and democracies are being superseded by the derivatives shadow banking and fictitious market economy!
A law of fundamental justice - A true and full individual justice can only be achieved through universal justice, adhering to the fundamental laws of nature!
The major principle law of the founding fathers - Separation and balance of powers!
The evolution of global philanthropy...
The ultimate, scientific power is supply and demand!
The fundamental natural laws of supply and demand must be put in competition with itself to solve the world's problems, and create true universal justice!
The fundamental laws of nature point the way toward truth, wisdom and universal justice.
The number one law of economics - You can only free trade until cheaper labor out-trades you!
***A law of world problems - All problems exist in exact relationship to the imbalances between peoplecrafted intelligences and statecrafted laws verses the natural laws of mind, logic, nature and science!
Law is a concept, but only ideal morally/ethically principled law is the ultimate truth - the perfect balance!
The greatest magnitude of law is currency law.
The central axis of truth is balance, within all the fundamental natural laws.
Currency balance is the central natural law that balances all the natural laws of state!
The central balance to all balance is currency - currency balance, balances all balances of states.
The world needs a central axle for balance and values to turn on. The central axis of balance is a proper principled currency law!
Only truly balanced currency laws, of a real level playing field, can create true universal symmetrical system integrity.
The scarcest resource of all is real value money!
I'm designing a better mousetrap - A better law structure to govern the world's money.
An international constitution of computerized exchange clearing, based on a 1 to 20% per year sliding time scale law structure, written toward balancing global prices and values, can achieve the golden moral mean - A pragmatic and logical center of thought.
A balanced system can create authentic moral values' improvement.
I can imagine many better systems and many better constitutions.
In my opinion, the ultimate answer is the balance of international democracies and markets.
We have the technology and ability to computerize capitalism's unbalanced pricing system into a super-moral perfect competition balance!
The answer is, balance the prices!
We must work toward the perfect competition balance of global pricing systems.
We need state computerization of certain financial transactions.
We have the ability to computerize global problems into extinction!
We need an international constitution of true universal equality - A truly level playing field.
I would like to see a grand principled strategy, of balanced fundamental values.
***Universal problems require universal solutions.
We must re-balance real prices of the world.
We have the sciences, technology and abilities to solve all our problems - It's just they're all jumbled in everyone's heads - We need coherence!
Overproduction and resource depletion is forcing us to develop a mind of wisdom.
The universal wisdom is a balanced competition.
***Total truth and wisdom can only be created with new, highly principled, laws.
The fundamental problem of America is understanding what's wrong - And what that fundamental problem is - Is law - Bretton Woods Law - I hate to be so blunt, but until you're willing to deal with it, you're just flapping your wings in the air!
The tree of knowledge - balance - the ultimate framework of law, and currency is the root law of economics.
Currency law is the only law to create the most moral certainty.
Laws must be written to create a level playing field.
Law is the essence of capitalism, and the social contract is money.
Globalization needs regulation - law - international democratic law.
You must advance the theory of law to advance.
We must write the law structure to re-balance capitalism.
The soul of capitalism is the balance of money.
The perfect state of capitalism is a new balance.
Our goal should be a true democracy of money.
International democracy can be accomplished through the simple re-balance of capitalism.
Only Keynes' F.D.R. style public works can solve capitalism's problem of hegemonic mercantilism - globally.
The world needs a perfect universal supply and demand balance of rich and poor nations and people.
***What is the highest universal international constitution possible?
An economic, universal justice system of supply and demand computerized databases, based on Boolean logic and sliding time scale law structures, with dynamic pricing balances, can be built and implemented world wide, to solve our over-pressing problems! Derivatives database supply and demand shadow banking, the world's largest economic reality, is controlling the entire planet, now! This, my friends, must change!
A government managed international clearing house bank - Ben Franklin - 1741
This is no longer the story of rebuilding America - It's the story of rebuilding the world.
In my opinion, unless we create a practical heaven on earth, hell on earth is our future.
Due to the extreme gravity of massive global problems - We need quick solutions - We can't wait 20 years for a solution.
We must find a way to harness mobile, shadow banking, money to increase democracy, now!
The commercial mind is based on fundamental natural law - supply and demand - though ill supply and demand!
The power of the capitalist mind is it's based in fundamental natural law!
The goal of truth is absolute justice.
A new universal mathematical moral/ethical justice is possible.
Perfect justice is perfect balance!
The constitution's currency clause - The trillion dollar clause...
I'm looking for the most balanced laws possible!
***The fundamental and absolute problem is law!
***Exchange rates are the law of all laws!
The constitution's level playing field laws - not enforced...
***Architecture is the most major law change you can make.
The fundamental laws of nature are out of balance! The fundamental laws of nature have been pushed out of balance by man!
The natural laws of liberty and equality...
A rights-sharing constitution...
***Our future is international constitutional computerized finance.
All problems are constitutional respect and disrespect!
A new constitutional capitalism...
The mainstream of the constitution - article 1, section 8, number 5...
***The fundamental law of change - Nothing happens or changes without law changes!
Democracy's law system is moving upstream into the international corporate law system.
Exchange rates is the fundamental law structure of economics and the monetary system!
A law of global sovereignty - Global sovereignty is only achieved by a global balance of laws!
At present, drastically imbalanced floating paper rules as the new insane law!
The sanctity of contracts - The private law system...!
Money's power can only be balanced by law!
Law is greed's only governor!
I'm not interested in system change, I'm interested in proper interpretation and understanding of the existing system and architecture law change to improve it.
Law - Truth - One law will change the whole world - The law of perfect liberty - The law of money!
Without an international clearing house, national democracies are now impossible of surviving!
The law of the law - International law controls all nations' laws, no matter what local laws you pass!
A law of democracy's limit - Local democracy is impossible without international democracy - The mathematical greater magnitude of capitalism is offshore, thus reducing the lesser democracy magnitude onshore. This can only change with universal legal action!
A law of democracy - The laws of hegemony annul and make local democracy expansion impossible, without international democracy!
A law of freedom - Global freedom demands we change the international law system away from hegemony and toward democracy!
A law of societal control - All societies are controlled most by the greater magnitude of the natural logical law of supply and demand!
A law of hegemony - The only recourse of a hegemon's total law structure crashing in on itself, because of having too much money offshore, is major international law reform!
A second law of hegemony - A hegemon's laws turn on itself and destroy it from within, as its inertial laws benefit the outside mostly, in its entropy stage!
The written law system must evolve to embrace the natural laws.
Global justice requires the physical law of man to be balanced by and with the natural laws of science and nature!
The law does all harm and good to and for society!
The statecrafted social architecture is the entire social and legal power system of government.
A problem is the anti-intelligence of the statecrafted law structures.
Three imperatives of an international constitution; 1.Balanced global prices. 2.Balanced personal values. 3.Balanced state to state values.
Law is the number one universal vehicle of truth.
***The law system - The social contract creates and solves all problems!
***All ideas must be joined under one roof of law!
All law is compromise between opposing parties - a pragmatic compromise...
The constitutional compromise - The central pragmatic compromise of rules, regulations and laws...
True conservatism is founding society on a truly workable set of laws. Real and true conservatism is the solution to the problem! We need sensible scientific conservatism.
True conservatism is a little common sense over your law system!
Law and statecraft are the universal truths controlling the levels of universal morality.
The balance of law is the balance of truth, is the balance of morality.
***The perfect law is the perfect truth, is the perfect morality, is the perfect action.
The perfect law is the perfect balance of supply and demand in competition with supply and demand.
Economic laws control all the other laws' actions, right down to individual morality.
The largest problem is statecrafted disrespect of the natural laws!
I'm for fair and balanced corporatism and globalization - fair and balanced common sense.
***One law will change all the laws' functionings of the entire world - currency and purchasing price parity balance. Balance the currencies and purchasing price parities and you eliminate most all international and national conflicts!
***Law - Truth - One law will change the whole world - The law of perfect liberty - The law of money!
***Our problems are always law problems.
***All real power starts and stops with law!
***The universal balances of laws are out of balance.
***The absolute universal power of law...
***Money can evade all law except architecture law!
Architecture is the level playing field, when balanced.
Law is the only true political sanity - No law - No logic!
Democracy is only the rule of law.
We must take our religions, moralities, and ethics and improve the system of laws!
The passions of the people must be turned to laws to expand public liberty.
The world is in such a mess, we must pass sliding time scale law structures to get out of it.
Values - We must create equality of life values through new laws - Living standard values.
If we change a few laws, we can improve the world tremendously.
The ideal is the largest balance of liberty possible, and true justice is only found in a state free of poverty!
What is the ethical ideal mean between the rights of empire - capitalism - corporatocracy - globalism and the rights of man - the people - democracy?
We need an international constitution of global parity.
The fundamental problem with law is its constitutional values ended in `73 [Bretton Woods]
We are not a democracy any more since `73 - We are a financial suzerain of capitalism to the destruction of true democracy.
We need the proper computerization of the law structures to make capitalism work right - again!
***The corrupted systems can be computerized into honesty and incorruptibility!
Laws that exploit national, state, community and individual sovereignty must be changed to laws which support and enhance all sovereignties!
All we need is a law to balance the global balance of payments systems - This automatically outlaws hegemony and mercantilism!
***If you want peace, you gotta change the law system that's creating war!
Poverty, crime and war is constitutional law systems in collision.
The law system starving the world must change to one to feed the world.
In my opinion, man is incapable of respecting the natural laws, so society will, one day, have to be turned over to computers!
The massive problem of compromised law - The lawgiver, in order to solve earth's problems, must be a single individual - The Bretton Woods example of compromised law - The Bretton Woods Compromise!
We should support laws toward re-aligning wages, prices and currencies to real purchasing price parity equilibrium, to create a level playing field, to stop excess offshoring, outsourcing and in-sourcing, neutralize nefarious trade and transactions' extractions, return the I.M.F., World Bank, and W.T.O. to work the public good again, rebuild global subsidiarity to sustainable levels, to found truly viable comparative advantage - globally, reduce speculation and excess debt and create jobs, by saving trillions of dollars for the public good.
3.We need to set up supply and demand in fair competition with itself - capitalism in fair competition with capitalism!
All problems exist in exact relationship to the disrespect for the fundamental natural balances!
Natural balances of all things is the ultimate and absolute perfection of all things.
Money is the sovereign of the entire world.
Architecture reform to a more moral law system...
The ultimate absolute power of natural fundamental balances...!
Anywhere from 5 to 20 years to unwind forward/derivatives contracts, yet international financial architecture takes effect immediately!
Unless the global architecture is united, it is required to debauch currency.
Without architecture unity, currency debauchery is required.
***Without currency balance, moral debauchery is required.
High minimum wages, public works and taxes can be financed by architecture reform.
Our future will be financed by architecture reform!
***Exchanges are economics number one fundamental.
We need an international democratic monetary constitution - A world standard of value.
A production standard is the most stable standard possible - not gold - An exchange cleared production standard - An exchange balanced production standard!
There is an autonomous method to balance exchange rates - Internal Exchange Clearing.
I.X.C. is a dynamic standard - a public works production standard to solve our problems - a true free enterprise economic system.
***The three present forms of capitalism - Supply and demand, China's internal exchange clearing, and supply/supply and demand/demand or capitalism in competition with capitalism to create a new universally balanced competition.
***A balanced global public works, "Marshall Plan" can control inflation and allow real use of money.
***By transferring the existing tax system into a state engineered P.X., I.X.C., T.E.B. system, we can successfully rebuild the nation and the entire world.
Triple entry banking is a national bank for a, semi-philanthropically financed, future public works, i.e., Keyne’s Bancor…
We can go back to the "wooden boats dream" through internal exchange clearing and triple entry banking.
An I.X.C. house - External = 100% -- Internal = 1/5X.
A cheap nation inside an expensive nation - E=1/5X.
Remember, the system imperative is survival.
In the instance of a nuclear terrorist attack that collapses capitalism, we need a new system that can weather such future nuclear attacks. At present, we have none. We must invent one.
***A law of systems - There are five systems superior to present capitalism's supply and demand. The five systems are semi-controlled supply and demand and include five mathematical logical proofs!
***The holy grail of economic evolution - The ultimate equilibrium!
***The Timing of Rich and Poor Nations' Integrations
***The Global Dynamics of Time and Timing
***Historical timing created the global imbalances - We must re-time by re-balancing!
***The fundamental axiom of cause - A fundamental law of time, resources, wages and costs - The problem is larger, much larger, than corporations, America Inc., or even The World Inc. The problem is much more fundamental. It is the fundamental imbalanced timing of the world's using up of its natural resources, thus pushing up wages and costs at different times in different nations, creating the massive global imbalances. This is controlled by the fundamental laws of nature, science and logic. The problem can only be solved by sliding time scale law structures. No one has any choice until economics evolves further!
***Time is the true cause of all actions - nations' timing.
The history of empires over time - Cheap wages and resources carry in wealth and expensive wages and resources carry out wealth.
***It is financially impossible for America to free-trade its way out of the global debt mess of hegemony and mercantilism, without international financial architecture reform!
***Exchanges is economics number one fundamental!
***A solid reasonable standard of value should found all money systems.
The fundamental market balance of wealth has been upset since `73.
***The problem is caused and controlled by the fundamental laws of nature and science - Nations have used up their natural resources in an imbalanced timing, creating the world's drastic imbalances of wages and prices. The nations need to be re-timed by law - a sliding time scale international constitution law! This is possible over a period of years - say 10 years - a 10% per year change, varied at 1% to 5% secret intervals over each month, to evade the devious speculators, hedgers and arbs.
***Capitalism is an engine and it's out of time, the timing of nations.
***Historical timing created the imbalances. We must re-time by re-balancing.
4.The Grand Ideal State of Capitalism Is Rational Competition To The Max!
You can create the perfect super-moral state of capitalism by the grand simple idea of truly balancing international prices.
Capitalism's nothing but prices - varied value prices - balance the international prices and you solve the problems!
Evolution from external markets to internal markets through a sliding time scale law structure, allows all nations to safely adjust, and all nations to make more profits together - The much larger internal markets model...!
Everybody's concentrating on building external markets, while internal markets, the larger, shrink - The above forces everyone to live at the expense and extinction of internal markets, instead of internal market expansion - The ideal!
***The trillions of dollars {currency etc.} saved by balancing will pay for itself and allow a massive expansion of local social democracy.
Re-balancing is a win-win situation - Everyone profits - All nations have more!
***Economics - It's all automatic - For every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction to all transactions - Supply and demand...
***A sliding time scale of capitalism's renewal. A 10% per year sliding time scale imperative of the law system, toward a semi-utopia is possible.
***The overproduction trade, price deflator is and can control the price inflator to allow a semi-free printed, semi-philanthropic system to function properly to the benefit of all humankind, i.e., Keynes‘ Bancor...
***There is no absolute logic to the existing state of capitalism except competition, but we can create a more logical competition or a better organized supply and demand.
***If the social contract is divided into cross-purpose banking and market systems, we can create an ideal competition capitalism.
Not enough competition? - We need to put government in competition with business.
We need change - change of economic law system.
***Strong central governments should be required by law to maintain balanced floats.
***The positive doctrine of historical change is money.
***A logical utopia - Is there? - Yes!
***Equality of global finances creates competition utopias.
History is value systems and standards' variations.
There is a central axis of truth around which all truth revolves, just as the earth's axis of balance, the central axis truth is balance - The universal truth of balanced exchanges - a true center of gravity.
You balance consumption prices world wide and you solve most all the world's problems.
The king's corporations and the division of powers by the U.S. Constitution...
Hamilton - The original architecture reformer - exchanges and tariffs...
5.A law of labor - The greater magnitude of cheaper offshore labor controls the lesser magnitude of onshore labor's motion!
A level playing field - Wages must be balanced by exchange rates - globally!
A law of a prescription for disaster - 100% of the cheapest labor is in the poor nations and 100% of the expensive consumption is in the rich nations, and 90% of capitalism is offshore!
A law of price imbalance conundrum of law systems - The greatest magnitude conundrum is; The 100% greatest magnitude of cheapest labor is offshore of all rich nations, and the 100% greatest magnitude of profits is offshore of all the poorest nations!
A law of the apex of capitalism - There's too much offshore profit and too little onshore profit!
The nations' wage differentials is the simple product of exchange rate imbalances.
The point of outsourcing is the elastic limit of exchange rate variance productivity - When outsourcing starts exceeding employment growth - A nation's exchange rate is too imbalanced - plain and simple.
The macro-battle is wide exchange pegs verses narrow exchange pegs - The only trade barrier causing the massive offshoring, outsourcing and in-sourcing debacle is thus, currency tariffs.
6.Productivity, TFP, is the most complex of all economic data, and drastically imbalanced exchange rates destroy global aggregate credit productivity by turning comparative advantage to comparative disadvantage, through massive offshoring, outsourcing, in-sourcing, debt and un-repayable debt.
Currency trade barriers are blocking a proper purchasing price parity equilibrium.
7.The laws of the separations of powers to create better equilibriums - Evolution of powers has been the separation of powers!
The separation and balance of supply and demand equilibrium - from asymmetrical imbalance to symmetrical balance!
Just as we (our founding fathers) saw fit to create a separation of church and state, we further decree a separation of supply and demand, into perfect competition!
The fundamental natural law of two competitors is better than one, as one can't compete successfully for the group and two can, is Nash's equilibrium of individuals and groups competition to full equilibrium states!
8.The unfolding of the enfolded supply and demand law - Separation by law!
De-regulation of currency and capital flows is the number one globalization problem.
A fundamental law of markets - You can't increase local market share, when you have drastically cheaper labor and resources' markets offshore!
We must democratize the international trade system. We need a global treaty to balance currencies and purchasing price parities.
9.Properly managed markets, but only enough law to create a level playing field for natural supply and demand competition.
A grand strategy of properly managed markets...
In the effort for extreme wealth to find cheaper labor, they end selling their nation to foreign nations - This is perpetual economic suzerainty - the battle between democracy and global markets.
***History has proven markets can not balance markets! Further, history has proven governments are incapable of balancing markets, therefore; systems must be designed to be self-balancing.
***Balance the currencies and most all troubles go away.
The elastic limit of the general equilibrium theory has been crossed.
***The world's equilibrium imbalances - Currencies are not an ordinary commodity - They are our entire law system's crucial balance of a standard of equilibrium and value - Destroy this standard of balance and you destroy the world - We are!
***Free trade turns to trade destruction of nations when exchange rates exceed the elastic limits of reasonable balance and or equilibrium.
***10.Entire global system costs are exceeding profits for the first time in history - The derivatives’ shadow banking economy.
***The derivatives’ shadow banking economy is larger than capitalism, itself!
***The trouble with derivatives is you supply the contracts and they demand a profit - an inordinate profit. The greater magnitude of derivatives contracts are too profitable for capitalism's long term survival!
Capitalists need be shown how to make more money from less!
***The higher the rate of international forward exchange business, the higher the rate of national debts.
***The unsustainable death trap of capitalism is external markets overcoming internal markets to the destruction of all markets - reserves theory - external shadow banking markets print much more money!
***The forward exchange balance of payments debt limit...
***Forward exchange is the central control of supply and demand.
Derivatives’ shadow banking system feeds on imbalances - Eliminate system imbalances and the problem goes away.
Most all international speculation disappears in a balanced purchasing price parity currency system.
***11.If you want to have this massive, shadow banking, speculation kitty running around the world, scratching on every nations' door, you must have a system of markets and laws to balance it.
***Speculation rules all to ruin when there is no fixed value.
***Drastically unbalanced floating exchange rates simply attract too much speculation.
***The system won't classically self-balance - It's speculation impossible!
***Drastically imbalanced floating exchanges are the world's largest speculator!
***12.A law of treasuries - The printing press owns every corporation and person alive, through the law, and you can only use the printing presses to maintain the laws of the nation, nations and the world until the interest maintenance costs exceed the printing press credit gains, then the laws must change!
A law of economic entropy - The law structures of all nations are working against all nations - man against mother earth - money against democracy.
A law of capitalism's death-throws - In the end times, all nations' laws force markets and democracies offshore, into the shadow banking profit vice, and debt whirlpools!
American debt and deficits are the largest foreign aid project in history - Now!
The capitalist system eventually strangles on its own interest costs.
Only currency misalignment causes hyper-inflations/deflations and depressions, through the purchasing price parity exchange rate elastic limit of credit.
A number one problem is the sustainability of debt.
Capitalism is a leaky sinking boat - leakages due to imbalances, is in the trillions of dollars, globally, yet trade is the world's escalator to higher standards - The exchanges conundrum...
***The wider exchange rates veer from balance - The greater global debt and deflation will be!
***Global debt is eating the demand function!
***Until you're willing to deal with the serious structural problems of capitalism, i.e.., exchange rates and balance of payments, you're going nowhere!
***Widely fluctuating floating exchanges force the expansion of nefarious world trade speculation, which add unwanted and needless excess debt.
***The big credit octopus of extraction is now feeding on itself!
***Drastically imbalanced floating exchanges are the world's largest printing press!
13.Power and control of the earth is the fundamental axiom of money and statecraft and shown through logical proofs. The fundamental axiom of corporate action is intelligence and exchanges controlling the entire world to good and evil. The fundamental axiom of global control is intelligence and wisdom or the lack thereof.
A fundamental law of markets - You can't increase local markets' share when you have drastically cheaper labor, resources and corporate shadow banking markets offshore!
Due to competition under an amoral economic law system, corporations can't act truly moral - tis most impossible! Corporations can only act moral under new systems of true universal justice.
Corporations are now moving from deregulation to regulation through the international market and trade treaties.
A universally just architecture reform will force corporations to again work the public good!
The central fundamental law controlling corporations is exchanges!
***Only exchanges cause cheap labor and resources - Law.
The cheapest corporate markets and costs rule the laws to the cheapest prices and control the expensive onshore markets.
You can't solve the nation's problems locally, when its an international problem of wage and resources' imbalances!
***Plato offered the only true way to end harmful corporate power 2500 years ago - exchange clearing.
A law of a corporate hegemon - The more local laws you pass, the more corporations you push offshore. This is the inertia of corporate hegemonic laws crashing in on themselves, due to too much state and corporate money offshore. The excess offshore money allows other nations to use such money to manipulate markets, trade, treasuries and exchanges, thus ever decreasing its labor costs. This cheaper labor destroys us through our own free trade beliefs, i.e.., our absolute mythology destroys America!
A fundamental law of corporations - You can't improve local corporate governance, when you have drastically cheaper labor, resources and corporate markets offshore!
A law of corporations - The greater magnitude of global offshore corporations controls any one state's corporations' actions!
A law of corporations and markets - The fundamental law of supply and demand links all corporations' actions, globally!
***A law of local action - The more local laws you pass, the more corporations you push offshore!
The inertial anatomy, intelligence and anti-intelligence of a statecrafted corporatocracy...
Corporations are not the problem - Infrastructure timing is!
The failure of The Bretton Woods System, i.e.., no fixed/equilibriated value standard, has forced most all corporate action on the world.
World corporate competition prevents local political action solutions, due to exchange rate comparative dis-advantage, ruling the system.
The runaway corporatism train is going to crash the system if not reigned in with international democracy. We must steer corporate international extraction into sustainable solutions, through price and currency balancing laws. The corporate virtual state's exploitation of subsidiarity is huge, yet, most all corporate problems would disappear in a balanced purchasing price parity currency system. Corporations are subordinated to currency deterioration and are simply reacting to said.
Imbalanced competition corrupts - Absolute imbalanced competition corrupts absolutely!
The biggest corporation in the world is money - Money itself - Currency!
To democratize capital is to democratize corporations. There is no other way.
***If you want to democratize corporations, you must democratize capital and currency.
The "Corporatocracy" is an independent international state - A virtual shadow banking/market state.
Multinational corporations exist solely because of cheap labor - Cheap labor exists because of cheap currency - Very simple - A cheap currency problem.
Multinational corporations did not become M.N.C.'s because of internal planning - They became M.N.C.'s because of speculation creating cheap and expensive currencies.
Corporations' #1 speculative vehicle is drastically imbalanced floating exchanges! Capitalism can only survive until corporate speculation and tax evasion bankrupt it. Democracy is disappearing into corporate capitalist speculation and tax evasion under drastically imbalanced floating exchange confiscation.
***14.Time is the true cause of all nations' actions - Nations' timing!
A first - natural laws in collision...!
***The #1 problem is nature and economics - the natural laws' collisions!
***The natural laws rule - supply and demand is in collision with entropy. The corporations are being subdued by supply and demand. Supply and demand is controlled by the natural laws of time and the timing of the infrastructures' integrations of nations.
A law of market solutions - We must put supply and demand in competition with supply and demand, internally, to advance sustainability - Force must balance force - E=1/5X. ***Supply and demand can be put in competition with supply and demand to increase the powers of democracy and capitalism - justly!
***The global exchange clearing machine law - The developed world's supply and demand inflation is being held in check by the underdeveloped world's supply and demand deflationary trade pressures.
***A global standard for globalization [needs a standard to function properly]
***Wisdom - All you have to ask yourself to solve the world's problems is - What is wrong with supply and demand? What is the anti-thesis of supply and demand - action reaction - the laws of motion of finance? What can be changed about this fundamental law of nature? How can we improve this fundamental law of nature? Can we discover the deeper concept behind this concept? - Yes! The answer is - Yes! - A resounding earth shaking - Yes! The #1 newly discovered fundamental natural law of change - Multi-directional supply and demand - money in competition with money! One fundamental law of nature can create absolute universal justice - Multi-directional supply and demand - Money in competition with money!
***The #1 fundamental natural law of universal justice - Divide supply and demand into a multi-directional supply and demand, or, put money in competition with money, globally, and absolute universal justice can be achieved!
***Say's law in reverse - "Bad money drives out good." to "Good money drives out bad." - The # 1 law of universal justice.
We need a Manhattan Project of economics!
The good, which creates the larger philanthropic socialism, communism or capitalism, is by greater magnitude logic, capitalism, due to required fundamental incentives!
Government has always been semi-philanthropic.
The natural law of equilibrium - John Nash - Singularities, groups and Godel's incompleteness - logic.
The double dynamic of John Nash's equilibrium - Smith wrong on supply and demand, i.e., self and group right, not individual competition only.
We need to rediscover the balanced soul of F.D.R.
The laws of enthropic, philanthropic complementation - Nature gives life through death - Nature is earth's philanthropic system!
Nature and the semi-philanthropic equilibrium!
The primary natural fundamental law of nature - Her natural philanthropy is a given example to emulate!
The fundamental natural laws are the universal laws of true social advancement!
The main attribute of the spirit is philanthropy - nature.
The philanthropic energy of the universe is sunlight and nature's bounty - the perfect equilibrium - logic on a grand universal scale!
Nature's absolute beauty and perfect philanthropic equilibrium, verses man's petty squabbles of supply and demand!
Nature is the perfect perpetual motion, philanthropic machine and or system!
A universal law of philanthropy - If nature can do it, man can do it!
A universal law of perception - Philanthropy cleanses the doors of perception!
***The universal law of philanthropy - It must become!
***The universal doors of perception will be cleansed by a new philanthropic money system! - Keynes' philanthropic system of "Bancor." - A system of semi-philanthropic, semi-floating equilibriated global exchanges.
The existing semi-philanthropic social system must be evolved and changed into new managed and workable full equilibrium systems!
***A system of semi-free banking can be instituted and managed by triple entry bookkeeping and internal exchange clearing, through the institution of public and private enterprise, where supply and demand is divided by supply and demand, into a 20%-80% market or a 1/5 p.x. public enterprise system in competition with an 80% free enterprise system, to create a true and fully functioning Keynesian style semi-philanthropic system, thus copying and implementing the universal laws of nature, in man's law system!
***John Law's, Benjamin Franklin's, Arthur Kitson's, and John M. Keynes' unsuccessful attempts at semi-philanthropic systems must be made successful, to solve the world's massive problems!
***Those past systems that failed, Law, Franklin, Kitson, and Keynes, and or were never instituted, can be perfected with derivatives insurance and modern computerizations.
Creative incompleteness to completeness...
A grand strategy requires a grand universal truth.
***The entire world of supply and demand capitalism is one giant exchange clearing machine. World exchanges are cleared of inflation by the cheaper labor and resources, low exchange rate nations, acting as inflation retarders on the higher wage and resource price nations, or 3rd world mercantilist socialism clears capitalism of inflation. Imperialism, colonialism, and communism are also, and have been, inflation retarders. Potlatch, alter, religions, creeds, dogmas, dowry laws and ideologies are, or have also been, inflation retarders.
The final stage of capitalism is international constitutional law to balance wealth and poverty.
***We have a natural moral and legal right to true justice and equality of wages.
***Bulletin - It is capitalistically possible to have true moral justice and wage equality in this world, with deep enough understanding of universal truth.
***"We the people, in order to form a most perfect union, hold this truth to be self-evident. We, the citizens of the world, have the natural moral and legal right of true justice to have markets, profits and high wages truly respect and honor the natural fundamental laws of perfect balance and real equality of fair wages for all."
***Wisdom is the essence with infinite solutions.
***The perfect government, in the ideal state of true justice, is the complete balance of rights and equality of fair wages for all.
***Set the ideal state framework for thinking, and wisdom will provide the solutions.
***An international constitution, written in pure legal rights logic, can not be ignored or refuted - it must be accepted as the law of the planet!
***The final stage of the U.S. Constitution is true equality, respecting the necessity of required incentive systems.
Trade is a crude form of exchange clearing - but...
We need a true global Keynesianism.
Keynes' system is a system of the global democracy of money and finances.
Davidson, Robertson, Skidelsky, D'Arista, Saul, Pettifor and Keynes etc., are all incomplete logic systems and need extension to sliding time scale laws.
***Idea - Sinking balance of payments funds for the 3rd world - The demand must be increased where demand is the lowest - A shared balance of payments sinking fund for all the poorest nations from the surplus nations - A win-win world!
Experience - Production standards have 1000's of years of history - Egypt 2500 years - Greece 1000 years - Rome 500 years - I.X.C's past experience.
TT/TV=TC or total transactions divided by transactions velocity equals transactions' cost. The higher the velocity the higher the cost.
We've been printing money for the last 25 years to keep the world going and it's worked without inflation - How far can it go?
The greatest magnitude is capitalism's supply and demand.
The center of gravity of capitalism is true price balances.
ET=WIR - Empire time = wages, inflation, resources.
China and "The Bretton Woods II System" is "The fixed exchange variant" as Paul Davidson has called it.
The soul of capitalism is value - The equilibrium of the public good is balanced currency dependent.
Exchange rates need adjustment to neutral purchasing price parities to solve these future's problems.
***We will reach interest rate entropy and balance of payments collapse, due to global aggregate cost of money, the point where interest costs exceed the ability to repay - We are fast approaching.
The two capitalisms - Balanced and unbalanced - Trillions of dollars difference for the public good - if we re-balance.
Capitalism's failure is always currency and purchasing price parity failure - `30's truths.
We must solve our problems with pure science - The science of money.
***One of the most important dynamics in economics is "Most everything economic is true or false according to whether you're talking about balanced of unbalanced markets."
True equilibrium creates value - The essence of capitalism - The public good can only be enhanced with equilibrium.
***In a near perfect system, we need a 20% pledged to price stability monetary system standard.
Another big theory is the pre-distribution of money verses re-distribution. James Robertson___another form of Keynes’ Bancor…
***The largest entity of capitalism is forward capitalism___the real shadow banking/market system.
The general theory of poverty - greed, subsidiarity and poverty - Nations become self-blinded by the exploitation of satellite subsidiarity, then overprotect own subsidiarity to collapse, by importing self-created satellite depressions.
Unless the world concentrates on rebuilding the 3rd world's demand function, its destruction will destroy the entire capitalist world, i.e., Eastern Europe, Russia, Latin America and Africa.
We must copy the immutable balance of the universe.
***Perfect competition is only achieved through perfect balance.
***If you want a floating system - Fine - Float it back to balance!
***Perfect competition is a perfect mathematical balance.
15.A Level Playing Field - Exchanges
"Free market exchange rates do not guarantee equilibrium exchange rates." Robert Mundell
"Drastically imbalanced floating exchanges remove the rule of law to one of markets." LG
***Exchanges can be written into a level playing field with a sliding time scale law structure and global architecture reform.
***Everything has a standard of value except money, the most important standard of [missing] value!
***A law of nations - Nations only rise by carrying in wealth and nations only fall by carrying out wealth. Hence, the validity of the number one law of economics - "You can only free trade until cheaper labor out-trades you!"
***Currency balance balances all values!
***We need a balanced legal framework free trade structure.
***The `73 deregulation of the level playing field!
The first major deregulation - `57 - opening of the foreign exchange market after WWII.
`33 to `73 - Statecrafted power controlled corporatecrafted power through law.
***The greatest magnitude of modern world change is exchanges. Exchanges control the level of public good and through balancing the entire system into a level playing field, the public good would again be served. The greatest magnitude of change in the modern world is no standard of value - Exchanges!
***Extremely imbalanced free trade is the most dangerous and destructive force on earth.
***A law of free trade, under drastically imbalanced floating exchanges - Capitalism can only survive until corporate speculation and tax evasion bankrupt it - Democracy is fast disappearing into corporate capitalist speculation and tax evasion , under drastically imbalanced floating exchange confiscation!
***The greatest magnitude of America's problems is her free trade philosophy, with its bad laws' playing field! You can't have free trade in a trade controlled world. You gotta control trade into a level playing field.
Nations {mostly} increase wealth with balanced exchanges and decrease wealth with imbalanced exchanges.
The trade weighted average of exchanges are 300% to 400% out of balance, globally, thus, you can't use tariffs to balance the system without destroying it!
***Drastically imbalanced floating exchanges remove the rule of law to one of markets!
***Drastically imbalanced floating exchanges will cause world depression if not abandoned!
***Massively imbalanced exchanges cost too much!
***A law of autonomy - Market globalization destroys currency autonomy, thus the productivity of the imbalanced floating exchange monetary system!
All moral and social reality is exchange rate dependent! If you are in China, you will see exchange rates as your god of profits. If you are in America, you will see exchange rates as your devil of debts! This is a universal truth of a universal illusion. The absolute universal truth is fully balanced exchange rates! This is also the truth of the eternal universal laws of our god given nature, science and logic, of our natural mind and the laws of! This is the natural self-reflective equilibrium of the natural laws of mind and nature!
A level playing field is impossible without currency and purchasing price parity equilibrium.
***The greatest costs to capitalism are currency tariffs. The largest trade barriers in the world are currencies - exchange rates. Exchange rate tariffs are the invisible unlevel playing field. The largest out-sourcers in the world are currencies - exchange rates. 90% of capitalism is controlled by currency prices. The markets are creating the wrong exchange rates - plain and simple - exchanges - currency. When you're outsourcing, your currency is too expensive - plain and simple. Exchange rate variances create the global economy's untenable invisible tariffs. Almost, the world's sole problem is currency! - The largest threat in the world is currency! Only currency trade laws and central banks can achieve the proper equilibrium.
We need a financial code of financial law to re-balance global purchasing price parities.
***Drastic imbalances in prices and exchange rates create the drastic balance of payments imbalances.
There's more to global imbalances than balance of payments - There's the general dis-equilibrium of currencies and purchasing price parities - The most crucial imbalances.
***Currency science, alone, can and will change the entire world to true and full democracy. Currency is the largest concept on earth. Currency value deterioration is the problem. We are adrift on a sea of lost currency control. Cheap and expensive currencies cause most all trouble.
***The world only progresses on a standard of value.
The currency standard of value is our missing moral center. Currency debauchery creates moral debauchery. The largest currency debauching in history is taking place, now! Widely fluctuating currencies drift away from value - the essence of capitalism.
Comparative advantage works fine when global ppp's are 10% to 20%, but is impossible of working properly when global ppp's are 300% and 400% plus out of balance - The world we have.
The more world trade, the more important exchange rates and currency tariffs become, and free trade equilibrium is abstract mythology, because widely fluctuating exchange demands massive speculative arbitrage.
Only a re-balancing of the world pricing system will produce true sustainability - Re-balancing is sustainability.
***16.Mathematics can not be transcended - Math is absolute intelligence. [Physics final math - 1I/iF=E]
17.The law of the inertial philanthropy of nature...
The advance of science is partially a free lunch - Free knowledge and wisdom.
18.The timing of nations' infrastructures.
Different nations use up their natural resources at different times.
***Nations' infrastructures can and must be re-timed with sliding time scale law structures to solve the world's problems.
America's 200 years from the cheapest labor and resources' markets to the most expensive!
The time and resource problem - You use up your resources and you're going to go broke! Time uses up resources.
The costs of the inertia of time...
A law of profits - The greatest magnitude of profits of all nations - rich to poor- is offshore!
In the end, dying nations and empires finance their own decline and destruction through cheaper offshore markets, tax evasion and hidden profits.
19.The Global Reverse Subsidiarity Credit Trap - [Explain]
System Survival and Sustainability Analyses
A law of sustainability - The natural laws of ecological health and the natural laws of supply and demand must balance to survive!
A law of survival - We must trade unidirectional supply and demand for bi-directional supply and demand! We must trade growth for and into sustainability!
Sustainability - Money governing money!
Real sustainability depends on sustaining demand in the 3rd world.
The credit trap conundrum - Anything to enhance wealth and well-being of rich nations simply makes it worse without the needed reforms in the underdeveloped world, and overall international architecture reform..
Keynes is subsidiarity through international financial architecture reform - Automatic subsidiarity.
20."Today's knowledge was obsolete yesterday!" LG
"Money is the organizing instrument of mankind." LG
"The world is wrong, because it has never known right!" LG
"The truth is the one thing that nobody will believe." G.B.Shaw
"Justice has been kidnapped and hidden in the law." U.
"The only right - to avoid wrong!" LG
"Intelligence is overrated!" LG
"Money is that of becoming, not what is." LG
"Knowledge is the process of piling up facts. Wisdom lies in their simplification." M.H. Fischer
"The computer age - One moment's truth - Next moment's lie!" LG
"We live in a world vaccinated against facts!" J.Simon
"Money is the ultimate power, no individual will to power can overcome!" LG
"Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." James Garfield
"I always think of the ideal world first and the real world second." R. Upton
"Instability is cumulative, so that eventual breakdown of freely floating exchanges is virtually assured." George Soros
"If you're not part of the balance, you're part of the imbalance." LG
21.The Matrix of Wisdom Logic
A law of local inertial intelligence - Inertial intelligence pushed to its highest national statecrafted level, turns on itself and becomes its opposite, in hegemony!
A law of knowledge systems - Knowledge systems force democracies offshore to the highest profits!
The true state of nature is balanced truth and logic. The answer is balance in all things. The supreme ultimate is balance.
True universal integrity - Integrity and a symmetrical unity, and universal balance!
The degree of knowledge and wisdom - incompleteness and completeness.
Truth has to be true to the universal of your subject - not individual truth!
***Absolute truth is soul and instincts united with mind through absolute logic to the natural laws of all.
You must draw your absolute conclusions from the foundation of a perfect competition state model to be purely scientific and logical.
In order to understand knowledge from a point of true wisdom, you must draw your scientific conclusions from a perfect state model of perfect competition capable of creating a most perfectly balanced virtue.
22.A Scientifically Articulated Global Logic
Logical Democracy - A Government of Universal Truth and Justice
"Realpolitik" is the monetary system’s over all power!" LG
"There's no solutions, except major solutions!" LG
"The yin and yang of the balance of nature and science." L.J.Gillespie
"The nation is the principle of freedom, the power of substance self-realized." Hegel
"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings. The inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery." Winston Churchill
Individual values are often counterintuitive to universal values.
***Liberty is the degree of freedom possible between opposing interests.
The universal good - What is it? - Scientific universal truth and justice, through perfected balances of state laws, to the natural laws.
We need clearly articulated political recognition of the world's true problems. We need clearly articulated governance issues - The problems and solutions!
***A definition of grounded balance - Unless you have a globally balanced policy, you have nothing but new imbalances.
A law of states - The greater magnitude of global states controls any one state's actions!
A law of global powers - The greater magnitude of global powers controls all lesser powers!
A law of the over-development of under-development - The imbalanced global profit conundrum reduces all nations' internal democracy advance!
Democracy is the imperfect balance of capitalism.
There are 3 periods of history where statecrafted power and corporatecrafted power expanded the public good, and 1 of globalization that shrinks the public good - What changed the level playing field of today's? 3 periods in history where corporations worked the public good - Washington, Lincoln and F.D.R. - Why not now?
*The state-crafted architecture must be changed because you can't effectively change the corporate-crafted architecture!
The natural law of attraction to the lesser freedom of liberty...
There is no government possible, that is not a compromise of rights!? I.X.C.!!!
The balance of liberty between capital and people's wishes - rights!
Democracy is a balance between the rights of capital and the rights of the people - liberty.
It's not a U.S.-centric problem, it's a global-centric problem of supply and demand subsidiarity.
Our international imbalance problem can not be fixed nationally, except by internal exchange clearing.
23."To think is to judge, and to judge is to criticize, and to criticize is a criterion of reality." S.K.
***I'm gonna write an action thriller of my search for universal justice!
Debate - A logical ideal state of universal justice!
Debate - The incomplete self - The complete self! Debate Socrates idea.
I offer you an invitation to the supra-conscious!
Take judgment out of your ego and put it in your heart, where it belongs!
The two judgment controls - finite and infinite...
The finite logic and the infinite intuition...
***The cognitive intuitive mathematical mind of greater magnitudes of balances!
Only cognitive powers over the passions, allow the mind to distinguish between good and bad judgment!
The intuitive trickster has the ability to take on either and both infinite and finite wills!
The dual judgment trickster nature...
The dual trickster nature is absolutely required by the fact that the finite and infinite exist in the one!
The East and West have made great mistakes and now we're being punished by the middle kingdom - The Middle East - Our crude reptilian essence, trickster!
I am I. I am trickster. I am anger when you are anger. I am love when you are love. I am truth when you are truth. I am lie when you are lie. I am I!
The incompleteness of language - Buried truth and wisdom...
How do you prove your vision? Truth connected to the fundamental laws of nature!
A communication of soul and science - Universality.
The world must see the global self to solve its tremendous problems.
The degree of the individual universal ideas!
Write to universality...
*Tautology - logic - a law that can be shown on the basis of certain rules, to exclude no logical possibilities.
Teleology - The doctrine that final causes exist.
All social knowledge systems are incomplete creeds.
We must slice open the entire body of memory to fix the world with international financial democracy.
The strength of a new America lies in its return to the strengths of the founding fathers' ideal model.
"The prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle" - The two paths - Heart, intuitive and mystical verses brain, rationalism and materialism. [north - south - King Midas 1490's to 1990's 500yrs.] The Eagle soars til it's brought low by the Condor's intuitive logic.
The founding fathers recognized the weaknesses inherent in democracy and that a strong central government was necessary to adequately support democracy.
The Mid-East problem is political - not religious - America backing totalitarian regimes, and their hate of...
We need fundamental knowledge of debt and trade!
Our goal is the democratization of the international financial architecture - IMF, World Bank and WTO, through currency and ppp balance, to real equilibrium.
***We have the ability to computerize all global interdisciplinary thought into a universal coherent balance, by uniting the natural laws of nature with the natural laws of mind and the statecrafted laws of man.
***We have the ability to computerize global values and morality into balance - Now!
If you hunt for the moral key, you will not find it until you embrace it as a universal - also.
***The bigger dog - You build a strong enough logic system and you can clearly show where and why change is absolutely necessary!
***When are we going to take truth and logic seriously and concentrate on real job growth, feeding the poor and hungry, and building better education and health care systems for the world's most oppressed and deprived?
Why doesn't the public good work today? What is the central change? Exchanges!!!
90% of the world is future bought and sold - future loans, bonds, treasuries, financial paper, and contracts - one day to 30 years, etc.
Economy is future tense, not present, i.e., derivatives‘s shadow banking system, etc.
The future controls the present, with money.
Has anyone bothered to ask - "Exactly where is the malfunction in the system, creating poverty, crime and war?" "Let's fix the global exchanges!"
Law is the culmination of all global intuitive logic - Is it intuitive desires or logical control? Answer - Time controlled!
24.The Social Matrix of Intelligences
"The way of being - truth. The way of not being - opinion." Parmenides
"The greatest evil - avoidance of truth." LG
"Conscience - Infinite subjectivity inwardly conscious and inwardly determining its content." Hegel
"Many people never reach finite actuality - they stay lost in abstraction and their light dies away." Hegel
***The law of fundamental laws - The fundamental laws of logic, nature and science are eternal and absolute laws!
***A law of truth, logic and knowledge systems - All truth, logic and social knowledge systems are incomplete, unless true to universal truths, of universal logic. Truth must be true to the natural universal laws of truth's logical and natural universal balance - the self-reflective equilibrium of mind and nature - based on the fundamental laws of the universe!
***A law of capitalism's moral limits - The greater magnitude of supply and demand's balances and imbalances always limit its moral ceiling!
***A law of moral limits - You can't improve the moral well-being of an immoral hegemonic nation, except by universal legal action!
***The law of perfection - The natural laws of true morality, peace, harmony and justice must respect and support the natural universal balances to exist!
***The fundamental law of mediocrity - All will be bound to man's laws of mediocrity, until the doors of perception are cleansed to the absolute realities of the fundamental laws' actions of nature's scientific philanthropic equilibriums and universal moral truths, being emulated!
Einstein's relativistic relativity doesn't apply logically to the real world - only to relativity.
The only complete universal principle of morality is universal justice - The world we inhabit is a most universal amorality!
***The world is moving from the amoral to the moral - The arrow of time is from the amoral primordial essence to the perfected morally mature essence.
At present, the amoral principle is superior to the moral - This must change!
Amoral intelligence is, at present, superior to moral intelligence - This must change!
A world need - A universal intent...
The natural laws of necessity and action - reaction...
Nobody seems grounded enough to see the truth of the understanding of natural laws in relationship to state laws.
A system to turn the amoral system moral!
What is the end of the good? The ideal!
Ground - The moral duty and obligation to be the best you can be!
Ground is to lead people into the spirit of truth!
The good is concrete absolutely determinate universal.
Truth is entirely contingent on the degree of objectivity and subjectivity of the observer.
Survival - the ground of life!
Grounded truth must be connected to universal truth to be true.
The ground of being is both moral intuitive and scientific logical - The natural laws prove this.
The natural laws are the visible absolute spirit!
The super-sensible - knowledge of and from self!
The universal idea - totality plus the essence of free volitions.
Morality - The highest law of nature. [moral logic]
It's obvious just looking at rich and poor nations that a greater magnitude of market share creates a greater magnitude of morality. [human level verses corporate level]
It's what you do [legal action] with your morality that counts!
Supply and demand's amoral competition creates some of the morality of community.
The completed moral good is when morality and amorality meet in balanced justice.
"Morality is how you think others think morally about you." LJG
Darwinism - good's ultimate design - competition...
The two goods - scientific logic and humanistic passion...
True virtue and morality can only be achieved through law!
Here's a view of economic and environmental justice - Capital must become less global and more 3rd world national.
True balance gives you true virtue.
Perfect competition will create true virtue and only it will.
In the perfect state, perfect competition creates perfect virtue.
Balanced exchanges balance morality.
Morality - an evolution to the realizable union of male and female morality.
"Morality must live in two people to live." LG
The higher self-morality - respect, justice, fairness, liberty and law___fundamental principled knowledge/beliefs.
In the final analysis, the capitalist system will either collapse or slowly disintegrate, without major currency system and ppp reform.
26.The Zero Sum Politics of Hegemony and Mercantilism
The Essence of The Global Architecture
The Two America's - Empire and Democracy!
The Inertial Anatomy of A Statecrafted Hegemon!
"If there's a mercantilist, there's a hegemon - One can't exist without the other." LG
***The #1 scientific law of world problems - All problems exist in exact relationship to the imbalances between peoplecrafted intelligence and statecrafted laws verses the natural laws of mind, nature and science!
What is America's intention? The American spirit is hegemony. America's general intent is empire. What is the fundamental cause? [time and resources use]
We need political recognition of the inertia of global imbalances of labor due to nations' integration timing into modern capitalism, from past inflation impediments - Marxism and colonialism or mercantilism and hegemony into internal functioning capitalism.
***The central world system is hegemony verses mercantilism. The trouble with the world is hegemony and mercantilism.
America's hegemonic laws must change for her very survival!
America is the hegemon - Its entire law structure is geared toward hegemony!
Hegemony and mercantilism is exploitation by superior knowledge systems.
Hegemony and mercantilism's imbalances are strangling capitalism and all chances of improvement.
The huge imbalances and inequalities between wealth and poverty that has developed in the modern world is not what capitalism is about. This is no more than the evil and cruel battle of hegemonic created mercantilist struggles, against its master, hegemony and global financial suzerainty, by powerful interests. The natural intuitive laws of mind demand a rebalance to its natural center of gravity of fairness and equality to all the world's citizens.
The natural law - Any imbalance will create an evil. Any pure and high balance will create a good.
In the final analysis, power can never cheat the natural laws and survive!
A hegemonic empire grows and exploits until it exploits itself to death! [example - the castles of Europe - the peasants joining the invading armies in revolt]
The entropy theory of hegemony - Nations become so rich they destroy themselves - The Ol' King Midas problem.
The Inertia of Intelligence and Free Trade Limits
The entropy factor of statecrafted intelligence's rise, decline and fall, of real power.
All societies exhibit an inertial increase and decline of intelligences over time, from growth through controlled trade to decline through free trade - The intelligence conundrum.
The inertia of academic-craft first producing our intelligence, then increasing our blindness to intelligence, or anti-intelligence...
***All the inertial statecrafted intelligence of a hegemonic nation can not overcome all the inertial statecrafted intelligence of its surrounding greater magnitude of mercantilist nations. The fundamental laws of nature controls all power, unless the hegemon changes course toward legal balance. Statecrafted inertia through action-reaction leads to hegemony and mercantilism by disrespecting the natural laws of center of gravity and the balance of wealth and poverty. The natural law of inertia creates the increase of statecrafted intelligence from good to evil and destruction. The inertial intelligence increase of statecraft to build nations from mercantilism to hegemony and back to mercantilism again, is created through the inertial rise and decline of statecrafted intelligence.
The missing fundamental laws' connection from nature to statecraft...
Hegemony and the law of entropy - You can not exceed the boundaries of the natural laws - center of gravity and balance - for long - You do and you're done - Mercantilism eats you alive - Self-created hegemonic mercantilism.
Hegemonic laws are egoistic, away from the natural laws' center of gravity and balances. In the end, these imbalances always fail.
In the end, all hegemonic empires had to return to controlled markets, trade and exchanges, or semi-mercantilism.
Hegemony's extremely imbalanced exchanges blow massive asset bubbles, creating mercantilism through its excess reserve's expansion and speculation.
The major socialcraft and statecraft problem is the undue worship of equality at law, that took root in the `60's civil rights era. We used to believe in the truth of inequality and write the statecrafted tax laws accordingly. Now we believe unduly in the illusion of equality. The truth of inequality and the chimera of equality - We must get past the equality chimera.
Keynes' ideas were of an anti-hegemonic system of international laws. White's ideas were of a hegemonic system of international Bretton Woods laws.
The American hegemon manipulated the entire 3rd world through its Bretton Woods System until itself became manipulated by Japan, China and her mercantilist minions, exercising their cheaper labor and banking rights over us.
All local moral and legal actions feed into the statecrafted evil law structure of hegemony and contribute to its evil, unless you define and change the central fundamental axiom of evil - The statecrafted evil law structure of hegemony and its international financial suzerainty.
Your moral actions will accomplish nothing, unless you hunt for the axiom of cause, of American moral decline. The fundamental axiom of social cause is hegemony and its central exchange laws.
The global central battle is hegemony verses mercantilism, or the battle of mercantilism verses hegemony, is capitalism.
Historically, hegemony always destroys itself.
Manipulation through mercantilism is often other nations only path. Mercantilism is most often the only recourse against hegemony.
Hegemony exploits lesser nations into mercantilism. The hegemon sets the agenda of mercantilism, in the world.
America's overdevelopment is creating the underdevelopment in the rest of the world. [action-reaction, supply-demand] The overdevelopment of overproduction creates the underdevelopment of global demand, thus forcing the world into speculative deflation and mercantilism.
It is financially impossible for America to free trade its way out of the global debt mess of hegemony and mercantilism, without major international financial architecture reform.
***Empires - The center develops the highest intelligence of exploitation of the periphery. The periphery finally revolts with gorilla tactics and war to eventually destroy the center - The eternal battle of hegemony and mercantilism, from the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Myans to America - To the whole world, the hegemon exercises no equality toward it. To them, we are an evil hegemon. A hegemon can not find his moral center - It does not exist, unless he looks deeply at his international law structure and changes course.
Mercantilism is the manipulation of capitalism through currency speculation, to gain extreme export advantages - extreme trade advantages - extreme comparative advantages - and caused by extreme hegemon‘s advances.
The ultimate hegemon is debt - un-repayable debt!
Japan is a semi-defeated mercantilist, but with real debtor power.
The American hegemon is bleeding to death - Trade deficits with 229 of 232 nations - globally!
Hegemony and mercantilism are capitalism's greatest enemies.
America's history in short - From mercantilism, through inertia of the hustler spirit, to hegemony...
***America's hegemonic trade and law structures since its inception in 1791 - A brief history...
The inertial timing of mercantilist America entering the world capitalist system in 1791, as a free capitalist...
The inertial timing of mercantilist China entering the world capitalist system in 1991, as a free communist-capitalist...
***The inertia of global hegemony and mercantilism all through history...
China's mercantilist-hegemonic statecraft is controlling American hegemonic statecraft, the same as we did England when we beat her out for control of the world!
The greater magnitude of logical finite truth is coming out of China, due to communist markets and legal controls of the finite capitalist world of supply and demand!
America's hegemonic statecraft is being controlled by China's mercantilist-hegemonic statecraft and her mercantilist minions.
A hegemon can not truly posses equality, morality and soundness, unless he turns away from his hegemonic law structure. The rest of the world sees him as an egoistic threat, without sincere essences or actions.
Mercantilism is a form of localism, or protecting the local market with exchange rates and exports, and hegemony is a form of exploitation of localism with exchange rates and foreign finance.
A low exchange rate is a mercantilist tariff and a high exchange rate is exploitation's servant.
Hegemonic capitalist nations must run deficits to support mercantilist nations' surpluses.
Too much freedom creates hegemony and mercantilism - The evil demons of destructive capitalism.
The problem is too much freedom from law creates hegemony and mercantilism!
Historically, most all hegemonic and mercantilist nations have collapsed - China?
Global action often requires the opposite legal action as local legal action.
A Search For Universal Justice...
Wisdom Logic - The Final Stage of Philosophy - A Universal Wisdom of Universal Justice Can Be Taught
The Universal Super-Conscious Soul and Mind...
The Many Levels of Perception
New Beginnings...
I judge myself with righteous self-judgment of my own judgment... I should be dead...! I find myself guilty of high emotional crimes and misdemeanors against humanity. I try to repent. I know I will succeed, but when...? How long is this too, far too long a journey...? My mind says, "Soon," but is it telling the truth or lying as often before...? I can not know, but only feel a presence guiding my hand on this paper. It's a powerful presence, with tremendous sagacity, kindness and drive, to its goal of a universal justice, for all the world to witness, and live - live fully and comfortably at peace with its neighbors and self. Join me in this journey of new light, intuition and logic. Maybe, together, we can succeed to see and enjoy a better day!
The Epistemological Wall of Uncertainty - Breached!
A New Epistemological Psychology and Philosophy!
The Spirit Balance of Scientific Self-Certainty!
The Will To Know Self and The Matrix of Intuitive Understanding!
A Mind Map of Self - A Mind Map of The Future!
The Primal Reptilian Essence and The Universal Concepts of The Soul!
Instinct - The Supra-Natural Intelligence!
The Intuitive Trickster - Wisdom!
A Completeness Theorem... - The Conceptual Truth of Self-Certainty!
The Soul of Logic - A Completed Moral Logic System!
"To develop the skill of correct thinking is in the first place to learn what you have to disregard. In order to go on, you have to know what to leave out; this is the essence of effective thinking." Kurt Godel
"Set: axioms of infinity and absolute proofs are more or less the same thing." Godel [i.e., natural laws]
"The absolute is the unity of being and non-being." Heraclitus
"The absolute is what is identical with itself." Hegel
"It is not the many, but the one that is true." Hegel
"The instinct of reason." Hegel
"The actual is the universal." Hegel
"Unity is the principle of things." Pythagoras
"History weeded by logic is the truth." LG
I have a solution to the world's problems...
Epistemology and the origins and limits of human knowledge, at the border of thought and feelings, or logic and judgment...
Logic means mathematically balanced - Judgment is often imbalanced! [rebalance to sound judgment]
The self-certainty of common sense is in the fundamental natural law of balance and provable by the math of greater magnitudes.
***The natural law of greater magnitudes - The law of laws!
***All provable logic systems can be proved by a base, of the infinite natural laws.
***The natural law of one! - The natural laws of one universe, one equilibrium, one set of natural laws, etc. - The natural law of evolution to the one balanced idea!
The law of absolute self-logic - The fundamental essence of principled moral/ethical righteous self-judgment over judgment is the king of the self! The soul is the only source of such righteous self-judgment, thus the intuitive soul exists! The lightening fast laws of mind are governed by the positive energy soul, the only possible answer, as all other energies are yin yang combos, and man can't think that fast! Thus, man is created with a mind and soul smarter than he is! This is the competition between intuitive trickster energy and soul energy. There are also three free wills - subtle soul will - subtle trickster will, and our stronger spirit's will. This is the law of scientific self-logic, beyond man's ability to know its total self-functioning! The reverse engineering of logic and judgment shown in the natural laws is proof of a logical spirit producing the essences of logic and judgment in the first place! A discovery of the miraculous! The fundamental natural law of principled moral/ethical righteous self-judgment of judgment is the supreme conceptual law of man's nature! It's signature is our natural soul!
***The natural law of absolute unity - The grand unified theory - All the natural laws must operate within the unity on one complete natural law - The law of self-balance of all balances!
Sound fundamentally principled moral/ethical judgment is the link between emotion and reason!
The fundamental natural law of sound judgment is balance - A balanced emotional and logical mind!
***A criteria of scientific truth is found in the fundamental laws of nature.
***The natural laws are a standard of truth.
Absolute truth is only found in concepts of the concepts - i.e., natural laws!
A criteria of truth requires a concept of a concept!
The natural law of fundamental progression - Truths and concepts have moved the world this far. It's all that will move it further! Only an extensive expansion of universal truths and concepts will take us into the future, to the ideal state of universal justice!
***Logical, epistemologically, means mathematically balanced.
You can only base truth in universal ideas and universal laws of self-certainty!
The universal goal of all words and thoughts is perfection!
***The golden rule of truth - Absolute truth is the perfect balance of all universal truths!
***The obvious greater, and greatest, magnitude of truth is universal balance!
***Absolute principled righteousness is the natural fundamental law of the soul!
***The truth is universal balance, and the balances required to create universal justice!
The natural laws unite the feeling and thought worlds!
Common sense is balance, balance in all things. The ideal state is universal balance of all things. Whether personal knowledge or the highest intellectual knowledge, the ideal state of all things is balance. Self-certainty, as well as logic, in their ultimate ideal state is balance, a true universal balance in accordance with the eternal fundamental laws of nature!
***All that is needed to develop absolute self-certainty, is for the balanced heart and soul to be united completely with the superconscious intellect, in a perfect perception balance of universal justice, based on the fundamental natural laws!
***The spirit, the strongest free agent of the mind, can also move the soul into intellect, creating a moral perception to the highest intelligence possible! Simply put, when one realizes the soul is balanced energy, the spirit can incorporate balanced energy anywhere, and often does unconsciously, thus can consciously create balance in emotions and or intellect, by simply realizing it can, and do so by choice!
***The soul and intellect meet in the self-certain ideal state of perfect universal justice!
***Absolute self-certainty is balance - A fundamental eternal natural law of mind and spirit!
Sense certainty must pass through universal logic to be true to truth - scientific truth. [natural laws]
The matrix of incompletenesses keeps the planet in its immaturities.[critique]
The emotional conception of the world, the logical conception of the world, the nature conception of the world, the technology conception of the world, the physiological conception of the world, the chaos conception of the world, and the controlled insanity conception of the world, etc.... World views, and or souls/minds.
The trickster is all of Jung's archetypes!
The demon/angel judgment trickster! - Delusional persecutory judgment!
Benjamin Franklin - The ideal trickster - Balance!
The trickster soul... The self-separation into balance...!
The subjective and objective tricksters...
The objective trickster social respect of others feelings and morality - The self-judgment of self to others - Respect!
The self-tricksters of choice...!
The subtle and strong free wills - Trickster and self...! Trickster is often Self!
Islam - No compromise - Trickster rules...! [no word for compromise in Islamic language - problem for understanding liberty and democracy]
The intuitive trickster shifts lies to truth and truth to lies!
The intuitive trickster - Look behind him and see who he is - The intuitive trickster is the self-will of all instinctual wills! - The automatic spirit behind the curtain!
The two sides of the intuitive trickster - The too subjective ego - East, and the too objective ego - West!
The three free wills - Ours, the soul's, and trickster's!
The intuitive trickster is enemy of boundaries!
The trickster is a wise magician shaman!
The "Laws of Ma'at" - wife of Thoth and the trickster reptilian god - Egypt's laws of truth, justice and balance.
The soul thinks mathematically pure - The trickster thinks good/evil - The perfect computer of mind and essence balances!
The Matrix of Intelligences - From Spirit to Science
The laws of a grounded logic - Spirit/mind and its attributes of natural laws are proofs unto themselves - They exist, therefore they are!
Mind and spirit are both natural laws, in and of themselves. They exist as universal concepts, therefore they are - science and spirit united!} all questionable??? It’s all interpretation…
The fundamental law of existence - I exist, therefore I am!
The fundamental natural laws are the universal laws of true social advancement!
The laws of entropic, philanthropic complementation - Nature gives life through death - Nature is earth's philanthropic system!
***The natural law of perfection - The teleological concept of perfection exists, thus our minds advance toward perfection, through the fundamental natural laws of evolutionary progression, of the moral essence of greater increase - optimism! To think otherwise is pessimism, and self-defeating!
***All the concepts are natural laws, in and of themselves, and must eventually balance in a true universal justice!
***My logical opinion, in conjunction with Leibniz's and Godel's says, a perfected earth is a fundamental law of evolutionary nature!
***The intuitive super-conscious and the logical super-conscious must be joined in a new universal truth and wisdom!
***What are the universal principles behind all things? The fundamental laws of nature.
The law of self-reflective equilibrium is the law of self-responsibility.
The primary self is the responsible self!
The higher intuitive spirit of feelings vision sees the self-reflective equilibrium of self-confidence and self-responsibility. The full spirit vision is in the self-confident, self-balanced, self-responsible self!
In my opinion, the soul's only doctrine is a goal toward universal truth, wisdom and justice.
***The perfected ideal will be forced to exist, in the future, by the evolution of the natural laws of progression.
***The universal laws demand evolution to a tautological, teleological perfection!
***Spirit, in and of itself, is a natural fundamental law of life!
All the fundamental laws of nature are fundamental laws of spirit/mind - The primordial essence! {it‘s according to how one defines essence…}
We must revive the universal principles of truths, to the allegiance of the fundamental laws of nature and the universal soul! {again, it depends on definitions…}
***A universal law of science - Science could not exist without universal truths! {false… or both exist at once… linguistics problems…???}
Insight is realization of absolute anti-thesis.
A scientific intelligence can be created with intuitive wisdom logic.
I can not accept the present's dead ideas of democracy and unequal justice, when I see a world crying out for a higher universal justice.
The #1 peace of mind law - All you can fill your mind with to create a true and complete peace of mind, is self-truth and wisdom!
Universal intuitive wisdom logic is trained insight to see the higher truths.
***The concept of all concepts are the fundamental universal natural laws underlying all concepts. {or existing at once, with…}
A universal consciousness can be created through trained intuitive wisdom logic, to create voluntary right action, through trained insight!
The true is the universal.
Proof is always a universal.
Take the conversation up to a level of universal comparative concepts - comparative statecraft concepts and then you can see how morality, or any idea truly works - [example - rich and poor nations' morality, etc.]
True thought requires universal principles for a base, to be true! [the base of fundamental natural laws]
Freedom of thought is the universal principle of spirit!
Intuition and logic unified is intuitive wisdom logic...
The fundamental laws of nature are the concepts of the concepts behind all reality, and are of the primordial essence! {as long as essence is matter in motion…}
The natural laws are the absolute proofs - in and of themselves, spirit given, from the primordial essence, on. {as long as spirit is matter in motion… linguistics problems…}
Morality is a universal principle, and law unto itself, to achieve a universal and individual justice.
Intuitive wisdom logic unites the moral and amoral worlds.
A universal truth generator of intuitive wisdom logic concepts can solve the world's problems.
A wisdom logic generator can bring the world to the central universal intuitive truths of true global balance.
What do you do if you pass through the keyhole of universal truths and at the same time, are given the proofs through intuitive logic and insight? P.D.Ouspensky is the inner soul of wisdom logic.
Intuitive logic can prove truths by comparative concepts and comparative essences to create new wisdom logic truths. Intuitive logic proves an idea correct, by its very simplicity of its alternative is absurd, creating new truth and wisdom. Logical truth proves itself by obvious intuition, insight, greater magnitudes, and reason to the fundamental laws of nature.
Our salvation is in bounded scientific proofs of universal intuitive wisdom logic truths.
[bounding means defining][also defining to the natural laws]
Godelian universal intuitive logic can be used on any universal concept or comparative universal concepts.
Knowledge must compare the universal concepts to the entire universal mind to be intelligent and discover new intuitive wisdom logic.
Intuitive wisdom logic can answer most any universal conceptual question and prove it!
***We have the ability to computerize all global thought into understandable universal truths with a new intuitive wisdom logic.
The axiom of intuitive wisdom logic is the total understanding of the full connection of the fundamental natural laws to the fundamental laws of man.
A Critique of Impure Logic - A Critique of East and West Thought
The fundamental laws of superconscious logic can be understood by joining the East and West schools of wisdom traditions and the natural fundamental laws of time, law, balance, center of gravity, motion, inertia, conservation of energy and matter, and entropy, etc..
The scientific rationalism and intuitive wisdom logic of Bramanism/Hinduism, etc., is true, though its pure intuition goes too far.
The genius of the East is what it offers in criticism of itself and the West - A powerful indictment of all knowledge and wisdom traditions.
The East and West both make the same mistakes of thinking the superconscious can not be joined and united intellectually with the conscious. It can be, through the new laws of intuitive wisdom logic.
The East denies logic in intuition when that's exactly what it's using - The West denies intuition in logic when that's exactly what it's using. Both need to recognize intuitive wisdom logic as the bridge to new fundamental truths.
The East denies its own intelligent logic of the one by limiting it to intuition. The one must contain the mental faculties of the corporal mind, as well, to create them in the corporal world, in the first place - The fundamental axiom of creation - It can't create something out of nothing.
The East tries to rationalize the infinite superconscious and the West tries to rationalize the finite conscious - Both fail in a semi-rationalism of each. One travels too far into intuitiveness and the other travels too far into intellectualness. These can both meet in intuitive wisdom logic, through uniting the natural laws' truths with man's laws' semi-truths, thus creating new universal truths. The natural laws can be used to solve all man's statecrafted law problems!
The Matrix of Understanding - The Matrix of Balance - A Universal Wisdom Solution
The natural laws are the fundamental truths over, and able to control man's laws into essential balances.
The natural law of harmony - All things must balance!
***Scientific ground is the scientific balance of all ideas!
The ground of balanced morality and scientific truth...
A required humanism - A balanced moral ground and a balanced scientific ground!
Only balance balances science and religion! Balance is the natural law joining science and religion!
***A law of truth, logic and knowledge systems - All truth, logic and knowledge systems are incomplete, unless true to universal truths, of universal logic. Truth must be true to the natural universal balance - The self-reflective equilibrium of mind and nature. Self-reflective intuitive equilibrium is respect for and of one's own intuitive emotions and intuitive logic.
The natural mind holds the intuitive and scientific in balance.
Logical judgment - Full reflective equilibrium...
The logical equilibrium state - The balance of all things and ideas!
***The greatest magnitude - Balance! The intuitive balance...
***Pure logic - The self-reflective equilibrium - The central logical equilibrium...
***Wisdom is the intuitively logical perfect middle balance of all universal truths.
Right self-judgment is the balance of desires and intents of those involved, and functions of the natural laws of the mind.
The real is the causal, or the fundamental laws of nature, and the 8 main natural laws I'm using are, time, laws of mind, balance, center of gravity, motion, i.e., action reaction - supply and demand, inertia, conservation of energy and matter, and entropy.
The center of gravity of the superconsciousness is its fundamental natural law of balance.
The Super-Conscious Self - The Universal Self
The individual self is often counterintuitive to the universal self and the empirical self.
The higher self - respect and self-respect - integrity.
The 3 - Soul, mind and ego must be balanced in self-reflective equilibrium, for peace of mind.
The authentic amoral/moral/immoral self - The full self - The trinity self!
Intuition can't work without logic. Intuitional desire - In my opinion, intuition contains your emotions, logic, reason and intellect or all is in and of the intuitional self essence. The thinker of intuition is intuitive logic based in intent, judgment, desire and all the emotions of essence. {herein lie some of linguistics‘ problems…}
The self-intuitive logic of our own mind's laws is based on judgment and intent.
***Self-reflective equilibrium - everything must balance itself to itself.
The Matrix of Consciousnesses
"Intuitive universal logic is the spiritual whole consciousness - the mind purified unto itself, from lowest essences to highest logical spiritual essences." LG
"Consciousness is the sole basis of certainty." Ouspensky [also natural laws]
***We must accept the wisdom of the present global consciousness, while universally discerning its faults, with intuitive wisdom's global logic, to evaluate truthfully, its real and possible solutions, into a better future for all.
The mind's own competition of natural force, i.e.., intuition and logic, creates consciousness. [soul and mind]
A Possible Framework of Fundamental Understanding
***"The whole universal and divine understanding, in unity with which we are logical, is the essence of truth." Heraclitus
"The human mind works only through an understanding of the universal." Plato and Godel
Understanding is a different kind of perception. It is a step in the direction of reduction to the last cause." Godel
Is a perfect universal understanding of truth and wisdom possible? - Yes!
The power of common sense is based in its mathematical greater magnitudes of balance!
True understanding is empathy and compassion for your enemies and leads to wisdom.
Only intuitive understanding can resolve major differences.
Intuitive wisdom is the perfect middle, central and total understanding, between fear and love.
Intuitive logic is the borderland between understanding and reason.
The Intuitive Incompleteness Theorem of Logic
"A new incompleteness theorem - The only incompleteness in logic theorems is the incompleteness of our intuitive ideas and concepts of." LG
"The fundamental axiom of higher logic - The super-objective truths are found in the super-subjective intuitive truths." Ouspensky
"100 years from now, capitalism will have passed into computer controlled societies, honoring our entire intuitive essences." [intuition outside the cone of knowledge]
"The purpose of intellect is fulfilled in the illumination of intuitive logic." LG
"Truth is agreement of the mind with itself, through intuitive logic." LG.
"The super-objective world of universal truth is found in the super-subjective sense of intuitive logic." Ouspensky.
"Language, itself, is unimportant to intuition. It preceded language." Godel
"Real intuitive is finite." Godel
"First order intuitive data [sensations] and second order intuitive data [logic] allow us to form concepts whose function is logical synthesis." Godel
"Logic is to intuit essences." Godel
"The finite mind and concrete intuition." Godel
Intuition is a conversation of the soul with logic to create truth and insight.
Moral logic verses Boolean logic - Man against and for computers...
The incompleteness Boolean logic system running the world against and for the incomplete moral logic system...
The intuitive filtered through logic creates insight and wisdom.
Will guides the intuitive through logic to wisdom.
All minds contain the natural intuitive utopian ideal soul and mind!
The two parts of intuitive essences - Sense perceptions and logic perceptions, or personal and mathematical, individual and universal, or moral and materialistic!
The mind's universal center of gravity is equilibriated essence! The essence is the balanced intuitive logic, center of gravity of the mind.
Logic is a universal first! Intuitive insight and logic... [primordial essence example] {only if primordial essence is matter in motion…}
If we simply compare concepts, from our individual essences, to universal essences, through intuitive logic, we can find the truths and wisdom, to solve the world's problems.
Wisdom can be taught with critical universal thinking and trained insight of intuitive logic.
A psychological universal truth generator can be built in pure intuitive logic.
The world perspective you use your intuitive logic from, is the key - the key intent of judgment.
The highest intuitive judgment - choice - a natural law of mind! [the intuitive judgment to choose time and place of judgment or logic?]
The essence of judgment is the mind's most complex. [who's running this show, intuition, logic or judgment?]
The will to choose... [the mind's fair-minded intuitive judge - the highest essence of self-control]
The degree of perspective you use your intuitive logic from, is the key to insight.
Do we have intuitive morality or just pure intuitive judgment and intent, we create morality from?
Intuitional logic senses truth mathematically, conceptually.
Anyone can recognize intuitive mathematical logical obviousness.
The ideal world is a phenomenon of the intuitive truth and wisdom, to yet be!
The profound essence is intuitive soulful logic.
The Universal Fundamental Axioms of Intuitive Wisdom
"Intuition is a conversation of the soul with itself." Plato
"No consistent system can be used to prove its own consistency." [two logic systems separated can] [Godel's disproof by two - also intuitive logic can] [greater magnitude logic can] [the fundamental natural laws, or concepts of the concepts can!]
"Universal intuitive logic is a consistent system of thought, when based on the fundamental natural laws." LG
Intuition is a conversation of the self-created morally true soul with the self-created logically true mind to create higher truth in, and through, insight. [also can be used evilly by bank robbers, etc.]
The many intuitive essence attributes - Logic, judgment, intent, etc., - all are natural laws and of the constitution of the mind.
If we compare concepts from individual essences to the superconsciousness, we find intuitive logical truths.
The conceptual mathematics of intuitive logic - the constant magnitudes of the wholes - orders of magnitudes.
Intuition is the fundamental foundation of mathematics.
The Philosophy of Concepts - A Grand Logic of Concepts
The Mathematics of Concepts - Intuitive Logic Concepts
The axiom of conservation of concepts - The larger the concepts, the closer to universal answers and truths.
"The concept of concept and the concept of absolute proof may be mutually definable!" Godel [the natural fundamental laws are the concepts of all concepts, thus their proofs, of and from the primordial essence {if matter in motion} onward, and are mutually definable]
"Sets are objects but concepts are not objects. We perceive objects and understand concepts" Godel
"The loftiest dialect of the concept." Hegel
"The real history of progress lies in the growth of new conceptions." C.H. Hinton
***A universal math - greater magnitudes of concepts - conceptual math - the most true...! {magnitude math??? 1I/iF=E}
The Logical Comparative Essence Concepts to Superconsciousness
"Logic comes before reason and is the primary essence of childhood." LG
***"The non-sensible essence creates our thoughts." Frege
The natural laws are an infinite eternality of the universal essence, and our souls. {only if universal essence and our souls are matter in motion…}
***Only the amoral essence allows free will - a scientific fact - The morality trinity [morality/amorality/immorality] - a scientific fact - The trickster!
Essence is the center of gravity of man's natural law mind, through which he produced all the good and bad statecraft laws, by not thoroughly understanding the natural laws of his own constitutional essences and balances.
The essence of man is truth and not error. ???
Self-judgment of judgment is of the logical soul essence?
The Matrix of Scientific Truth - The Balanced Unity
"The goal of truth is unity." Hafez
"The ultimate truth is an end in itself - natural law." LG
"Truth is contingent on both the context of the observed and the position of the observer." Godel
***"Truth can be proved in any given language by the use of greater magnitude concepts!" LG
"The universal is the true [content] of sense certainty." Hegel
"Truth is the object of logic." Hegel
"The idea is truth in itself and for itself." Hegel
***"The non-sensible objective realm of thought." Frege
"The true is the whole." Hegel
***A law of universal truths - Truths drawn from the fundamental natural laws of nature are absolutes!
***Absolute truth only exists in the objective, and the objective of the subjective.
There's no such thing as comparative subjectivity - It's impossible - There's only comparative objectivity. [the truth of soul certainty of righteous self-judgment of judgment? still no comparison, it just is, and based on the natural law of balance.]
The true is objective - The demonstrable is subjective! ???
The subjective and objective unity...!
You can't have true intelligence without it being connected to a universal idea or whole.
Concepts, and relations of concepts, and not objects, provide objectivity.
The absolute truth is total spirit and logic married.
Absolute truth only exists in the combined thoughts of finite and infinite experiences - natural laws.???
Absolute truth only exists in conjunction with spirit. [natural laws of matter motions]
***Science is using spirit - the fundamental natural laws of spirit, to prove its truths. [already combining science and spirit - the unity connection]
The ground of being - moral soundness and scientific truth. [allegiance to the natural laws of spirit]
Only universal truths can determine all truths. [intuition is often universally true]
The most complete truth is universal truth, and the most complete logic is universal logic.
Logic is the prime eternal fundamental law of nature. [in and of itself, it is the truth essence]
***Essence is a prime eternal fundamental law of nature. [in and of itself, it is truth, and untruth - trickster]
The essential human axiom is the aspiration for truth and wisdom.???
Wherever arguments appear, one is usually looking at a finite truth and the other is usually seeing an infinite truth! [also world view differences]
Arguments are, most often, the collisions of finite and infinite truths! [choices of world views also often enters the picture]
Usually, only universal intuitive logic solves finite and infinite logical differences.
Absolute truth is truth to absolute natural law.
Truth is found by totally removing irrationalism from what you hear, read and see.
The test of reality and truth is non-contradiction.
A logical proof of universal truth - concepts - fundamental laws.
Truths are universals - If it isn't a universal truth - It usually isn't!
Conceptual systems' analogy is the only possible true universal reality of truth, except the truth of self-essences as concepts and truths, in and of themselves.
Truth is determined by the order of magnitudes of comparative universal concepts, and concepts in and of themselves.
The two logical truth systems are finite truths and infinite truths or corporal and spiritual. {if spiritual be matter in motion} The two truth systems are of the infinite one.
The Two Universals - Intuition and Logic
"Pure and simple intuition is completely the same as pure and simple thought." Hegel
"Logic is the science of the dialectic process - The continual unification of opposites in the complex relation of parts and wholes." Hegel
"Intuition is; considered judgment in reflective equilibrium." John Rawls
"All who develop logic and spirit self-vision fully will come to the same conclusions." LG
"When reason and logic speak of something other than itself; it speaks in fact only of itself; so doing, it does not go outside of itself." Hegel
The incompleteness of all knowledge and logic systems! [something can always be added]
Logic is the weak force and emotion is the strong force.
Emotional intelligence is intuitive logic.
Mathematical logic - The universal language...
Logic sees and intuition feels.
The incompleteness of criticism, knowledge and logic systems!
The child's vision logic is direct perception!
Intuitive logic is direct perception...
Righteous self-judgment of judgment is the prime essence of emotions, i.e., the intuitive soul.
A moral intellect is controlled by its righteous self-judgment of its judgment.
The two logic systems - The non-finitary reasoning and the finitary reasoning of mathematics.
The real and true world is future and global logic, controlling present and local logic and desire.
Original spirit - moral/amoral/immoral logic...
Creative logic to dialogue the two opposite sides of logic - Truths to natural law!
We should practice universal comparative logic concepts.
A problem in logic - "Logic can express real mathematical concepts of phenomena and life." [a contradiction of Godel]
The fundamental, absolute and eternal laws of logic, nature and science - The logical laws of all things...!
The concepts of logic - The eternal logical constants - The natural laws...
The primary law of logic - The mind used properly, comes up with the same universal answers - inputs must be complete concepts.
A Simple Philosophy of Fear and Complexity - What Is Truth and What Is Opinion - Intelligence and Anti-Intelligence
"Being and non-being are the same: everything is and yet is not." Heraclitus???
"The most difficult thing is to know what we do know and what we do not know." P.D.Ouspensky
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary skepticism."
***"If an axiomatic system can be proven to be consistent within itself, then it's inconsistent." Kurt Godel
***"The mind is not a blank slate. It recognizes its constitution." E.Kant
"The spirit that knows itself as spirit is science." [an object reflected into itself] A.
"Plurality can not be explained without unity." A.
"The principle of sufficient reason." Leibniz
"If you give up idealization, then mathematics disappears." Godel
***"We move from intuitionistic to classical mathematics and then to set theory, with decreasing certainty." Godel [the uncertainty principle?]
"The big uncertain jump from finite to infinite." Godel
"The big jump is an idealization." Godel
***"The non-sensible perceives the sensible." Frege
"Soul-logic perceives the emotions." LG
"Newton axiomatized physics and thereby made it into a science." Godel
"The meaning of the world is the separation of wish and fact." Godel [force and fact - Leibniz]
"Morality and infinity - The perfection of morality is never perfected." Hegel
"Right is freedom as idea." Hegel
"Only the right of the world mind is absolute." Hegel
"Where rights collide, highest right is right [world right]." Hegel
"Reason is to find the object rational in its own." Hegel
"The free will which wills the free will..." Hegel
"One deep "Ah Ha" thought is worth a thousand pictures." LG
"Reason is knowledge underivative, or faith." Hegel???
"Thought is concrete universality." Hegel
"The dialogical principle is the real and the true." Hegel
"The judgment is finite." Hegel [judgment stops at the finite, and beyond is speculation]
"The parts of the infinite change, but it itself is unchangeable." Diogenes
Can we conceptualize a higher morality? Yes!
Our judgment of intent and our intent creates our morality.
Judgment is of both emotional and logical essence - it can be either - amazing!
Morality is a law unto itself - the good, the true and the beautiful. [the ever changing essence agent]
The competition of amoral wills often creates the moral world - origins...
Moral positions are not required to create morality - just competition of rights and desires is...
The open competition level playing field is all that's required to inadvertently create moral will and action. [also Nash's equilibrium should be considered - individual and group - the common good]
Raw competition of intents creates morality.
The uniting of science and religion [spirit] - a scientific moral/amoral/immoral god... [Leibniz's opinions and mine]
Judgment is both moral and amoral/immoral. [unless righteous self-judgment is imposed]
The soul is moral, the mind is often amoral and the ego is their often immoral defender.
The two truths' world - moral and amoral. [soul and intellect]
The Law of Competition - The original essential fundamental law of nature and proof of right... [logic against logic proves logic, etc.]
Competition is required to prove all truths universally true.
The natural law of gradual progression...
Unity, competition and force are eternal fundamental natural laws of nature.
The unity is the inner necessity of the law.
The law of perfection is the inner perfection of the individual, thus the planet.
The natural law's center of gravity explains all psychology and philosophy in a few lines - Pouring the ocean into a dewdrop.
The ultimate absolute is the only true reality - The natural laws!
The laws of evolution - Change - Cause and effect - Reason - Order - All things...! [natural laws]
Wisdom demands that eventually, we will solve all the world's problems - The natural law of progression...
The unification of intents - How? - Natural law's respect! [solution to Middle East and terrorism]???
Intelligence - Godel proved some of Bertrand Russel and Alfred Whitehead's Principia Mathematica unprovable, due to axiomatic faults!
The will is a finite actor. [thus, beyond will is speculation]
Competition of wills - the origin of humanity - supply and demand - action reaction - the competition of intents, wills and judgments - origins of man‘s thoughts...
The judgment's will - The primary will of mind! The will of wills! [judgment wills all wills, either ours or spirit's will.] [the trickster option]
Compassion and empathy are the bridges between emotion and intellect. [also judgment, intuition and trickster]
Godel's transfinite reasoning...
Godel's rational and optimistic world view...!
Godels conceptual essences or super-knowledge - The supreme conceptual essence.
Sets and set theory is multitudes into unities!
Wisdom is the profound middle of the common known - profound common sense!
The greater magnitude of positive change - optimism...
A righteous self-judgment, of a discriminating judgment, is absolutely and eternally necessary, to create the highest intelligence! [otherwise can be very evil]
***The very notion of separation, absolutely must be based on a unity underlying it.
The Axiomatic Laws of The Mind and The Fundamental Central Axioms of Man's Law
"Free will is a universal, eternal natural law." LG [except where righteous self-judgment enters automatically, and is uncontrolled by man] [we choose to let the spirit control us to be righteous, at times] [other times it does it without us knowing] [example; other's controlling our minds, for the good or the trickster for good or evil]
"I am learning to manifest the laws of the eternal, in the temporal life of the world." LG
"The natural laws are without senses, they just are!" [except that our senses are natural laws in and of themselves] LG
"The principle of principles - That intuitions come onto us with distinctive boundary-conditions that we can accept as sources, insuring the correctness of our knowledge of them" Ouspensky
"The logical ideal is a seamless oceanic unity without temporal edges, reliably persisting even when not attended to." Ouspensky
Only the natural laws, and new concepts of, are in and of themselves the universal truths, the original causes, effects and ends of problems.
The two thought worlds - sense and knowing - feelings and nous.
A natural law of the universe - There is always a price for violating the natural laws.
***The laws of entropy do not apply to the rest of the natural laws of the universe. [important]
Empirical axiomatic math is often wrong and logical math of the greater magnitudes, in such cases, is the only correct math of such concepts.
The natural laws are the secondary matter motion control of the world, not the laws of man - per say. [especially the natural laws of supply and demand, or action/reaction]
The natural laws are eternal, and globally, they are the laws we need to respect, the highest. {eternal only to their evolutionary creation points…}
The axioms of judgment and intent are of the laws of the mind.
The fundamental axiom of mind - The laws of the mind function right only from the natural law's perspective and respect.
The fundamental axiom of change is law - Natural law.
The fundamental axioms of cause - The natural laws are absolute and eternal causes of actions. {except matter/motions’ first actions, which created the natural laws…}???
The fundamental and absolute problem is law!
The fundamental axiom of trouble - Law is the fundamental axiom of power and change.
The axiom of cause is a law of necessity.
The grand law of cause and affect - The natural laws are the central and fundamental axioms of all causes and affects. {except the fundamental matter motion cause of laws… or is that law???}
The fundamental axiom of absolutes - Absolutes exist and are the fundamental axioms of cause - the natural laws are absolute and eternal causes of actions. {except the fundamental matter motions causing first laws… or is that law???}
Self-control your judgment instead of letting your judgment control you and everyone else!
27.The Intuitional Infinity Mind - The Infinite and The Finite Minds of Complex Man
A Logical Consciousness of Spirit
The Consciousness of A Rational Superconsciousness
The Timeslices and Distances of World Views
"In reality, in the soul of man, nothing exists save emotions." Ouspensky
"Emotion can be mastered only by another more powerful emotion, and by nothing else." Spinoza
"Every idea extended into infinity becomes its opposite." Hegel - [don't extend - separate ideas into finite and infinite] {maybe…???}
"Euclidean logic - The mind devoid of emotions." A. - [numbered facts]
"Relativity - Observing intellect within intellect." Ouspensky
"Reason taken to infinity disproves itself." LG
"The infinite is the reasonable." Hegel
"The infinite is negation of negation." Hegel
"The absolute is essence, is being, and immanent being - the finite and infinite in relation to each." Hegel???
"Singularities are required to exhibit paradoxes." Poincare
The ultimate infinite is a finite! {one…}
Amoral essence - the essential scientific balancer of morality and immorality...
Our own deepest infinite intuition is often, seemingly, in collision with our own deepest finite intuitions and logics. [until we understand the true goal of our essence - universal justice]
In order to avoid the infinities of diverse world views, we must build finite logic systems of a new dialogicable language - an entirely new cross-disciplinary language! [knowledge of the new fundamental laws of universal justice solve this conundrum]
The greater magnitude differences between our timeslices of world views... [how much time different beings see]
The fundamental axioms of knowing are present in the eternal natural laws. {maybe…???}
Time is becoming while eternity is being - the two minds - finite and infinite. [two times]
***Time is both finite and infinite. [the Poincare paradox solved]
The incompleteness theorem of language and a formal logic system of finite language...! [new fundamental natural law discoveries, by this author, solve the dialogical problems]
The incompleteness of language theorem - We have never developed a cross-disciplinary language of successful logic - The dialogical problem! [new fundamental natural law discoveries, by this author, solve the dialogical problems]
The problem of infinite verses finite communication - The academic community has failed to frame a proper dialogue to discuss social problems successfully without too many infinities linked to present dialogue - A new dialogue of political communication simplicity is needed. [new fundamental natural law discoveries, by this author, solve the dialogical problems]
The almost impossibility of logical discussion in the present dialogical academic environment and framework of a too cluttered basis, leading to too many infinite possibilities, therefore; a simpler conceptual finite dialogical language is needed! [new fundamental natural law discoveries, by this author, solve the dialogical problems]
***Godel's incompleteness theorem as applied to language - A separation of finite and infinite language possibilities is absolutely necessary to dialogue successfully!***
The infinite essences and the finite world...
Infinity is the essence that permeates all existence!
The spirit is not the seen, but the seer - The all knowing knower!???
There is no creation of the one - Absolute creation is impossible - The One Is! [a self-un-created universe]
The axiom of ultimate truth is the law of eternal presence. The two essences in one - In man, reality starts in sense perceptions - In eternal spirit, reality is a unified consciousness. This is the opposite order of experience between the finite and infinite minds. The axioms of eternity and finiteness - The finite visible is rooted in the invisible infinite essence. {as long as essence is seen as fundamental matter in motion…}
The axiom of change is intuitive wisdom logic through the axiom of absolute power - natural law - the subtle power!
***Infinity must possess the all, in and of itself, complete.
A universal consciousness can be achieved through intuitive wisdom logic.
A universal truth consciousness is possible.
Love is an evolution to your ideal intuitive true self.
Evolutional wisdom and love are absolutely dependent on a universal and total understanding of each other!
Love is an evolution to the higher intuitive self-senses and the knowing self.
This world isn't the real world. The real world is the ideal world, we haven't reached, yet! - Life is an evolution to the real ideal world.
The present world is a phenomenon of our, as yet, collective intelligence or unintelligence, if you want.
The fundamental observation - If truth and wisdom are blocked at the small parts level by the quantum wall in all fields of parts' studies, then the answers of truth and wisdom must be found at the universal truth and wisdom level.
There's either the individual or the whole, and both are ones, and absolute truth only exists in the universal one unity.
It has been said, we can't know anything absolutely, we can only know what we design - Our personal logical conceptions - But... the fundamental laws are absolute knowns!
An infinite universal intuitive truth generator expresses properties of the infinite one by the numbers.???
The different laws of the two logical truth systems...
***Scientific logical values.
***Scientific moral values. {Both of the infinite one}
Truth, intelligence and wisdom come from the universal natural laws. {some, not all…???}
Man is not supposed to be as the infinite one - Man is supposed to be man, and the infinite one is his separate joined one self.
The comparative logical differences of magnitude between man and the infinite one - emotions and essences...???
The individual essences and the universal essences - The two ones - The only real - The two minds - finite and infinite intuition and logic…???
The two minds in the infinite one - corporal and spiritual, or finite and infinite - The finite in the infinite...
The infinite one has sanctioned the past correct, let's move into the future, out of the concrete past.
The past is from the infinite one, to many and back to one past.
***The many possesses a different logical truth system than the one!
Infinite one by the numbers and I'll accept it. - A practical infinite one.
The universal idea is all in all - The small in the large - The large in the small. {maybe???}
The invisible gives birth to the visible - The infinite gives birth to the finite.
The laws of logic break down at the infinite singularity. {maybe???}
A New World - 4th Dimension Consciousness
"Consciousness is connected with one unity - a machine is composed of parts." Ouspensky
"Changes, changes, changes, these things too shall pass away." I Ching
***I have discovered the mathematical axioms of Godel's concepts, to solve the world's problems! [new fundamental natural laws]
***Make statements logical proofs of truth, in and of themselves...
Structural logic - Sustainability and survivability...
Axiomatic, is often opinionated.
The greater moral truth - A balanced global equilibrium...
The mind's two functions - Moral truth and logical truth...
The two reals are intuition and logic.
Moral logic can change global consciousness.
Morality is allegiance to your soul.
"3 degrees of knowledge - 1.Opinion 2.Dialectic 3.Intuition." - Plotinus
Plato - The eternal ideal...
3 dimensions - 1.Physical 2.Life 3.Psyche
Objective - Property of the world. - Subjective - Property of our psyche...
Reason deals with truths of the parts, and logic finds truths of the wholes.
The slender thread of truth through time...
Christ offers three pieces of wisdom logic - morality, law and money - the three largest pieces.
How do you figure out capitalism in a wisdom logic generator? Realize the two opposites of, are hegemony and mercantilism and look for the axioms of fundamental causes. The major axioms of fundamental causes are balance, timing, inertia, laws of mind, center of gravity, action-reaction, conservation of energy and matter, entropy, and exchanges. [the fundamental natural laws] Then work out the axioms of the perfect middle balances.
Tertium Organum - P.D.Ouspensky
P.S. Notes
1.The Separation of Private Finances and State Finances
The Incompleteness of Human Understanding
The 28'th Amendment Project
"The theoretic beauty of which has been of late too often worshipped." John Gault
***The #1 economic imperative law - All problems are economic!
The only advance possible, in the world, is through ideation.
The survival imperative of constitutional corporate capitalism...
John Nash over Adam Smith and David Ricardo...
Bush's final golden bullet - "Zai-Tech Kasdevisen" - Internal and external arbitrage of markets to replenish the nation's treasury - The dirtiest financial trick - Rob other nations and your own people's wealth to enrich the Rich - J. Schact's trick under Hitler and before - post `23 crash - short sell own and others' banks and treasuries and put the bill on taxpayers...
"Zai-Tech Kasdevisen" - The arbitrage of capitalism against capitalism - The arbitrage of capitalism against democracy - The arbitrage of labor against democracy - Bush's ace in the hole - "Zai-Tech Kasdevisen!"
2.A Natural Law's Salvation of The Earth...
The Fundamental House of Naturally Equilibriated Laws
The Greater Equilibrium of Natural Laws
A Completeness of The Separation of Powers For The U.S. Constitution
***"When no laws govern your money, money governs all your laws." L.G.
***"The stone child is sliding time scale law structures." L.J.G.
"Law - The wise restraints that make men free - liberty." J.Roberts
"The tradition of liberty is a living thing." J.Roberts
We need an international constitution guaranteeing the separation of financial powers and state powers.
The most precious guarantor of liberty is currency value law!
The necessary global simultaneity of law structure reform...
The complimentarity of cooperative global law structure reform...
The problem is no natural law thinking.
The natural law of equilibrium demands an evolution of the U.S.Constitution.
Godel's constitutional incompleteness. The incompleteness of the separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution... [personal extended view of Godel]
A John Nash logical proof of how the separation of private financial powers and state financial powers can equilibriate into a creation of universal justice...
John Nash's equilibrium laws change hundreds of years of existing fundamental and natural law.
Supply and demand, comparative advantage, and free trade natural laws are in conflict with philanthropic natural laws, and are pushing the world toward the natural law of entropy.
Natural equilibrium law works best under the widest separation of powers possible.
An international constitution based on the universal values of fundamental natural laws - balance.
At some future date, all man's laws will be balanced in perfect reflective equilibrium, with the fundamental natural laws of nature, in a true universal justice!
The U.S.Constitution is an incomplete system of semi-injustice!
How do you redesign the U.S. Constitution to create a true universal justice?
Supply and demand law is out of balance with the natural law of equilibrium - balance.
What was left out of the U.S. Constitution? - Roman and English law to American law - Benjamin Franklin - International Bank - An international bank to control tax havens - Derivatives - the tax haven economy - a shadow banking and market system...
A world of computerized money systems beyond law systems control...
Money systems have exceeded law systems control.
The computer controlled arbitrage of law, money, and power systems...
The grand equilibrium to rid the world of argument...
***A world run by a virtuous computer…***
3.A Perfect Competition Equilibrium - A Sound Fiat Money System
A higher competition "moral" capitalism - Internal exchange clearing...
A nation going legal financial reform "alone" must have a way to subsidize its losses to other nations' non-reformation.
Natural equilibrium law allows perfect competitions.
Natural equilibrium law works best with private plus public enterprise. Natural equilibrium law works best with free plus public trade.
A separation of corporations and governments into a perfect competition equilibrium...
4.Legislation simply drives tax dollars offshore, unless international financial architecture reform is instituted.
The tax havens are superseding the nations' tax systems, and all democracies ability to survive.
The tax havens are the largest philanthropic social system in the world - for the Rich!
6.Natural law evolution is a mathematical certainty.
The larger the credit base, the healthier the society is!
8.The Arbitrage of History's Law, Money and Power Systems...
Supply and demand [action-reaction] [cause and effect] must act in the greater equilibrium to be true, to all the natural law balances - John Nash's equilibrium corrected to natural laws...
A soul of greed - A separation of greed into fair and more just competitions - The very soul of greed to arrive at a universal just state of greed is perfect competition with greed, to create a final universal justice!
Greed is scientific self-reflective equilibrium in a separated state of perfect competition, creating universal justice!
The dual nature soul of money and law is greed and justice - inseparable! They are a dual nature concept - one can't exist without the other!
The basic nature of dual nature greed and justice is again - balance - a fundamental law of universal nature!
America's rebels verses Iraq's insurgents - The fight for freedom verses the fight to enforce ignorance...
10.The Capitalist Survival Imperative - Evil Transactions Rule!
The very nature of capitalism forces corporations to the highest evil transactions possible - the very nature of competition...
J.P. Morgan - Brickle - Derivatives association.
11.Risk Arbitrage...
The speculative orgies of international finance...
Offshore fictitious wealth is bankrupting onshore real wealth...
Speculation in treasuries - Offshore treasuries are depleting the onshore money supply.
12.The Entropy of Financibility Apex
Capitalism's elastic limit - Debt...
Capitalism and the unfinancibility of entropy and the absolute natural law's financibility of philanthropy...
The absolute natural law circle of finance - 90% labor and 10% ownership.
Debtor power - Corporations so huge and rich, the public good is "thought" best served by bailouts?
13.The Church of Corporations and Their Ethical Religions
"There are no possible local solutions without tax access." J.R.Saul
The solution is through corporate horse-power...
Only corporations have the global footprint to civilize Islam through market equilibrium.
Where is the true power of corporations derived?
International trade and the constitution is what gives corporations power - not local politics and actions, per-say. International trade and constitutions create corporate power.
States have international power over corporations - No law yet...
The only true natural laws of and helpful to social justice are philanthropy and equilibrium.
Corporatism is constitutionalized capitalism.
During mercantilist eras, corporate power increases democratic power, and during hegemonic eras, corporate power decreases democratic power.
14.The Supply, Demand, Comparative Advantage, and Free Trade Imperatives
A Separation of Corporations and States Blueprint...
"Labor is prior to capital." A.Lincoln
A new system - A self-financible public debt...
Keynes' bancor for a self-financing public debt...
Marshall and Keynes' international system of separation of corporations and states - 1890's to 1940's... [author's additions and extensions]
Keynes' bancor system is triple entry banking and internal exchange clearing...
John Nash's equilibrium laws make the "Right's" ideologies and dogmas nothing but axiomatic etherealism.
Nations trade political, economic and legal power through perpetual economic suzerainty.
Free markets can't survive against capital controls - The long term China Card?
The capitalist entropy imperative - A scientific logic system to save capitalism from the entropy imperative...
***If we separate the natural law of supply and demand and put it in competition with itself, a perfect competition can be created, thus allowing a path to a true universal justice.
The natural laws of philanthropy and equilibrium are superior to the natural laws of supply and demand, comparative advantage, and free trade.
The natural laws of philanthropy and equilibrium can be used to refute the natural laws of supply and demand, comparative advantage, and free trade, of the "Right."
The greatest good is best served by the truest equilibrium of supply and demand, comparative advantage, and free trade.
The two equilibrium laws - Natural and axiomatic - John Nash and Arrow, Debreau - Early `50's...
The false axiomatic laws of mathematics, and the true natural laws of mathematics...
Supply and demand, comparative advantage, and free trade are only scientifically true under the greatest equilibrium.
True perfection is the grand equilibrium of competition - The truest golden moral mean...
Present economic equilibrium - The false and incomplete equilibrium...
The ideal is not the state. The ideal is the perfected state.
The present standard of money is, Fear!
The main problem - Extreme wealth destroys honesty.
A prediction - Mid-East oil wealth will become semi-philanthropic!
Since inflation is the problem and poverty holds inflation in check, then the solution is a false poverty system - We must create a false poverty system? [needs definition]
Harry Dexter White - Too far left, and long term too far right...
Plato's four times wealth becomes public money theory...
15.Free trade - The freedom of the spirit is a natural law.
Man's most deadly game - Trade.
Free trade in human misery and poverty...?
17.Boolean logic is machine logic.
The environmental world is regressing 300 years with China.
RNAi - The on-off gene.
18.There is no god-of-war. There's only a man-of-war!
War and The Moral Divide
The OECD nations loan power over the 3rd world is imperial preference.
Fly-by-wire and one nuclear blast disables our whole new military, and all new f.b.w. commercial aircraft.
A problem - Law systems written purposely large enough to be manipulated - Euro-Dollar, Euro System, WTO, Shadow Banking, etc., etc...
Mid-East - Not a religious problem - It is a commercial and cultural problem...
20.Postmodernism - The Philosophy of Subjectivity
Karl Marx is subjective capitalism.
Power is amoral - The un-ideal...
Present world - There is no true morality - All there is, is power - unideal power...
Moral man must take on power man. How? - The absolute separation of powers...
All religions and creeds are relative, uncertain, and incomplete.
If a strong enough scientific logic system, to destroy religion, is created, should it be deployed? Yes!???
A certain combinatorial use of the universal natural laws have the self-bearing power to destroy all creeds and religions.???
21.The Many Axiomatic World Views...
"Wisdom - Unlike energy, knowledge can be increased, it is lessened neither by use nor by transfer from one person to another." K.Boulding - The philanthropy of knowledge.
Knowledge acts as a philanthropic law of nature.
The only absolutely true knowledge is that based on the natural laws.
The entropy of knowledge and logic systems - Incompleteness...
What needs to be known?
The soft and hard sciences split - great advances with the hard sciences, and most none at all in the soft sciences.
Education systems are not keeping pace with money systems - worldwide - Academics is losing ground to money systems.
Academics at mercantilism and hegemony stages - The conservative to liberal bias...
The seductive beliefs, creeds and ideologies...
22.The Absolute Power of Natural Law Democracy
The State of The World and The Failure of Politics
The Imperial Preference Presidency...
International verses supranational activities...
The natural laws can be used to prove any equilibrium position, i.e., social justice, etc.
Democracy without capitalism is atrocious, and capitalism without democracy is atrocious!???
True eco-geo-political equilibrium...
Islam's equilibrium - Educate young girls and women, and help them start businesses...
23.The One Dimensional Pagan Attitude...
"Everyone has not only a right, but an obligation to honesty, to equilibriate own and others' views." LG
"I am an atheist of convenience, in order to truly study absolute logic." L.G.
Start statements with "I know," and prove...
Use three to four talking points...
Write from many soul’s views...
I'm a stranger. I'm a stranger... In a strange and foreign land...
How to reframe the debate in absolute natural law logic to best the Right...
Nuclear terrorism - oceans - tidal waves...?
The huge bonfire of law on the "Right", and the tiny campfires of law on the "Left."
24."Morality can not be taught by an immoral nation." L.G.
Scientific logic systems to prove the invalidity of creeds...
Morality is not a natural law - It is an axiomatic/real belief.
Morality is self-designer values creating morality.
A scientific logic natural law system to prove religious super-naturalism, impossible...
The most equilibriated moral logic position, wins most arguments.
Two wrongs always create a right in every war - In war right always goes to the world - Learning... [this doesn't mean I endorse war]
The true equilibriated morality...
26.The Age of Logic
Cognitive Awareness of Multi-Dimensional Intuition
The Self-Concepts World
A Query Into Social and Scientific Natural Law Logic Systems
A Completed Universal Natural Law Logic System
The Survival Imperative
The Enlightened Ego
The Natural Equilibrium
In Search of The True Self...
The Nature Imperative and The People Imperative
"When logic sees, it knows. It doesn't need a reason. Seeing is the known reason." L.G.
"I have discovered Godel's absolute trans-finite logic and its absolute proofs." L.G.
"All statements are absolute statements!" L.G.
"Absolute truth is the essence of thought." L.G.
Life is essence trying to make sense of itself - A journey to self...
A dialectician - Plato and Hegelian style...
Logic distinguishes between valid and invalid reasoning.
The epistemological limit of absolute truth - The yes absolute - The absolute Tao...
The epistemological - The scientific quantifiable, and the metaphysical - The nonscientific and non-quantifiable. [my definitions]
True quantifiability requires falsifiability...
The metaphysical soft sciences and the epistemological hard sciences...
The only thing that makes consciousness real is quantifiable sound science, and universal dialogue of gender equilibrium. If it isn't quantifiable, it isn't! [all truth is quantifiable]
Local, state and international intelligence...
Pragmatism, verses epistemology, verses spiritualism...
Awareness of awareness...
You can't have relativity of truth. It's either absolute, or it isn't.
Right and wrong resides in the natural laws... Cause and effect resides in the natural laws... Absolute truth resides in the natural laws...
Spinoza's monism, natural law, truth and logic - Deductive logic...
Quantifiable thinking and thinkers...
The free and unfree wills - Shopenhour
The fundamental natural laws are a sound logic truth base.
The #1 law of logic - The logical scientific debate must exclude emotions to be logical and scientific!???
Is absolute certainty possible? Yes! The natural laws...
Equilibrium is the highest truth and balance of all things known.
Equilibrium - The finite law in and of the infinite...
The circle of untruth - Incompleteness...
The true philosopher's stone is rudimentary understanding from the absolute equilibrium center on down, through the other natural laws.
The absolute philosopher's stone is the absolute epistemological knowledge of the axioms of cause and effect - The trans-finite logic of the natural laws...
The highest spirit of the mind is equilibrium - Plato - Franklin - Keynes - Einzig - Davidson - Nash.
The absolute soul is indestructible - It is an infinite and absolute mathematical equilibriator!
The absolute equilibriated objectivism...
The natural soul/highest mind is the natural mathematical equilibriator.
The natural absolute is the natural equilibriator of all intuitive emotions and intuitive intellect.
The mind's eye energy is produced by the different agents of essence self-reflecting unto itself and projecting its insights. Memory is the agent of the graphic essence agent.
All concepts and ideas exist in logical space.
The vast differences of truth and proof...
Self-reflective equilibrium is the union of intuitive emotion and intuitive intellect.
The many levels of cognitive intuitive awareness...
The mind's trinary energy system...
Scientific equilibrium logic...
Logic is the eye of emotions.
The soul/highest mind is nothing but a mathematical equilibriator!
The equilibriated state of consciousness...
The equilibriating powers of the natural soul...
The highest mind - equilibriated objectivism...
Wisdom logic is the self-realized identicality of compassion and logic - feelings and mathematical mechanics.
The question is - What is mind?
The incompletenesses are imbalances!???
A logical self-proof of self-logic - equilibrium...
The highest wisdom is self-understanding.???
Self-reflective understanding creates the ability to understand others, if you but listen - completely.
Scientific self-understanding is the ultimate universal equilibrium and equilibriator.
26.1.The Absolute Imperative
The Triality of Mind
Simple Perspectives of Intuitive Visions
The cognition of scientific change...
The cognitive sciences of America must be joined with the intuitive sciences of the East and Islam, through intuitive truths and total understanding of all.
The cognitive feeling essence and the cognitive seeing essence...
Feeling and seeing don't meet in the "Is" world. They only meet in the "Ought" world!
The three truth systems - Abstract truth - Intuitionistic truth - Scientific truth - The three agreements of truths.
Truth's foundation must be other - The absolute other...
Intuitionistic truth - The bridge...
The past is absolute truth...
Intuitive understanding bridges the two - Body/mind...
Genuine communication requires a common "real" objective world of objects and subjects...
Truth is universal agreement and communication's necessity.
Truth is agreement with agreed universal facts.
The foundation of truth is what we agree to be truth's foundation.
The foundation of knowledge and truth is communicable agreement.
Without accepting a new fully descriptive language, and order of language, it is impossible to describe the real world.[maybe new soul-logic can solve]
Brazilian logic - Dual of intuitionistic logic...
26A.The Grand Axiomatizations!
The Axiomatic Ethereal Consciousness
The Incompleteness of Axiomatic Systems
The #1 law of emotions - It is absolutely impossible to trap logic and arrogance in emotions and sensitivity - It is absolutely impossible to trap the objective in the subjective!
The world of axiomatic language - Incomplete and unprovable...
The true incompleteness natural law of Godel, and the false axiomatic laws of many other mathematicians, logicians, physicists and economists.
The axiomatic world and the conceptual natural law world...
The axiomatic sciences and the absolutely true natural law sciences...
The axiomatic functions of the mind and the logical functions of the mind...
The axiomatic systems built on top of the absolute and infinite natural laws...
The axiomatic self-suppositions and the axiomatic self-certainties...
Absolute, ethereal axioms and self-constructed axioms...
The problems of religious wars can be solved by the axioms of absolute natural law logic.
Ya can't keep looking at axiomatic, incomplete streams of consciousness and expect to see truth - Ya gotta look outside the box.
26E.The Ultimate Wisdom of The Universal Equilibriator
A Scientific Universal Ideal, Moral Logic
A Logical Universal Peace Plan...
A Universal Equilibrium Completeness Algorithm
The Digital Logic Genie's Control of Money
"Without economy, there is no politics." Shimon Peres
I have had a breakthrough, and discovered a new path, to scientific natural law logic. I have discovered scientific logic systems that can and will change the world. I have discovered scientific logic systems large enough to destroy or save the world. I have discovered how to create scientific moral logic systems of newly discovered natural law. I have discovered a scientific logic system superior to the "existing." Using the cognitive intellectual logical faculty, and adhering to absolute equilibriated objectivism... Scientific logic systems can be built from the fundamental natural laws to solve the world's problems. I can show you how to use scientific natural law's moral equilibrium logic to best Boolean, machine logic and the "existing" natural law logic. I tore the whole system apart, and put it back together with the scientific natural laws. I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt, that the separation of commercial financial powers and state financial powers is required, to safely advance all nations, by new scientific natural law logic systems. A superior scientific natural law argument can be based on philanthropy, entropy and equilibrium. The scientific natural laws can be used as a logic system proof, of John Nash's equilibriums, superiority over Adam Smith's supply and demand, and David Ricardo's comparative advantage natural laws. In other words, a democratic scientific logic system can be built to best the "existing" natural law, and state law logic systems... In order to advance civilization, scientific logic requires, the separation of state financial powers, and commercial financial powers.
The laws of nature, properly understood, are superior to the laws of states and markets.
The #1 law of nature - Nature, in and of itself, is a natural fundamental law of philanthropy - It gives - The eternal giver - Nature!
The #1 law of supply and demand - Supply and demand can be separated into a more equilibriated supply and demand!
The reverse re-engineering of global capitalism...
In order for America to continue producing real wealth and well-being, she must change her ways!
Even the best moral system in the world will be ignored, if it doesn't make money!
Truthful validity through quantifiability...
The irrationalism of Boolean, Bayesian and perceptron logic...
The inference theorem - Baye's - Bayesian logic...
Boolean logic, equilibrium logic and natural law logic creates and proves the absolute universal truths.
Frege's concepts of quantifiers...
Equilibrium is the concept of all concepts - The truth of all truths.
The greater magnitudes - Logical intellectual mathematics.
The incompleteness of the semi-objective arguments... All you have to realize, is what the absolute objective mind truly is.
State printing, internal corporate printing, and the debt trap...
Egypt, Greece and Rome's New Deals...
The continuing entropy of philanthropic nature changes the dynamics of supply and demand, comparative advantage, and free trade, to the superiority of the absolute natural law of equilibrium.
The battle of natural laws - Supply and demand, comparative advantage, free trade, philanthropy and entropy are colliding to push the world in retro! The natural laws are colliding in global retro!
How to turn the semi-philanthropic social safety nets into a market, beneficial to both corporations and the people...
How to marketize the social safety nets into a perfect equilibrium of state powers and corporate powers...
The superiority of scientific natural laws of philanthropy, entropy and equilibrium over supply and demand, comparative advantage and free trade...
A scientific logic system's argument for the separation of corporate powers and state powers, can be proved by the mathematically equilibriated natural laws.
Natural law logic systems can prove the withering of all present known market systems, unless advanced to the newest discovered natural laws.
The obvious transfer of philanthropy from nature to states, due to the entropy of resources...
The obvious entropy of nature's natural philanthropy is witnessed in its depletion of resources.
A scientific logical proof of equilibriated systems, through the fundamental natural laws...
A scientific system of how to best natural laws with natural laws...
The future is visible through the natural laws.
The universal state of justice is created by the separation of the power of state finance, and the power of commercial finance.
The only way to get difficult laws through the Supreme Court, and change the Constitution is to be able to prove your law's superiority, by a natural law's scientific logic system's superiority.
The superiority of natural law systems over state law systems, and the John Roberts blockade...
The debate can be reframed by the use of superior natural law's scientific logic systems.
The scientific logical superiority of the natural law of moral equilibrium...
Scientific natural law's moral equilibrium logic is superior to Boolean machine logic.
All knowledge, logic and wisdom is in the natural law concept of absolute equilibrium.
***The absolute one law, of all laws, is absolute equilibrium!
The scientific logical mind of wisdom is equilibriated consciousness.
The wisdom of absolute self-certainty is provable by the absolute mathematical essence of the absolute and ultimate logical equilibrium, and just is. Absolute self-certainty is a law unto its own true absolute mathematical self.
The absolute law of absolutes - They exist! Absolutes exist, as absolute laws, in and of themselves.
Scientific logic systems to prove the scientific universal ideal...
Scientific logic systems to prove general logic and emotional systems...
Scientific moral logic systems can be created to prove the validity of equilibriated democratic systems.
The cognitive objective view of the morality and immorality of capitalism and its actions on and in certain rich and poor nations.
Scientific logic systems can prove the validity of all equilibriated universal ideals.
The natural mathematical equilibrium of scientific logic...
The incompleteness of axiomatic mathematics...
The axiomatic intellect of formal mathematics...
The reality of axiomatic logic...
Beware, the supernatural, axiomatic mathematics of modernity...
The un-axiomatic natural laws...
The Incompleteness Puzzle...
Equilibrium is the ultimate completeness!
Man is the mathematical equilibriator of law systems.
Woman is the emotional equilibriator of family systems.
The greatest good is only perceived and understood through the eye of the greatest evil.
Scientific logic systems to prove idealist realities...
Reframe the debate to win - John Nash's equilibriums...
The soul's equilibrium energy - The universal laws and man's laws are the most tangible and pertinent understandings.
The global imperative is rudimentary understanding.
A complete self-understanding creates a true universal vision logic - A mind's eye complete perception.
Radio, TV, and computers granting of the 4th dimension of time - past and future awareness +...
The WTO's creedo - Comparative advantage - Samuelson...
The superior natural mind of universal ideals...
We need to truly define an ideal universal legal state justice.
The ultimate wisdom is the ultimate equilibrium of universal justice.
There is a law system supporting injustice. It's called democratic capitalism. Where's the legal system supporting universal justice?
Teleologies exist because the universal mind exists, ie., all thought, forever pushing and pulling us toward them.
Unless you can see the true state of universal justice, you can't see the true state of the present or past!
Unless you can see the future, you can't see the true past or present!
All discovery is a separation of the knowns!
A Tautology of Utopianism...
If we used our minds mathematically properly, there'd be no problems in the world.
What does a tautological completeness look like? A tautological utopia?
What law structure would you like to have in a tautological utopia?
A true compassionate, empathetic universal state of justice - What does it look like?
Mathematical logic systems to prove economic systems.
The grand equilibrium of capitalism and socialism.
The absolute universal truth - A new mathematical logic system's designed truth.
America and her imbalance of equilibrium...
America's deflated debit card...
America's deflation of its industrial base - balance verses absolute equilibrium...
The debt crossover point - The Treasury is now losing money in its debt - The digital logic problem.
The anti-globalism of capital controls...?
The digital logic genie's control of morality and democracy...
All three directions the future can go are negative, unless capital controls are instituted.
Economists - Phisiocrats [early definition of economists]
Ayn Rand verses the Harry Dexter White's... H.U.A.C. - Hearing on un-American Activities - D.P. Moynihan sponsored the declassification of HUAC documents and files.
26E1.The Law of The Conservation of Capital
The Corporate Debtor Power Cycle
The World's Fictitious Trade
The False Perceptions of Capitalism
"He who owns the debt, holds the power" L.G.
The insidious reptilian capitalist mind...
The mind doesn't fit the soul - Capitalism doesn't fit the soul...
How capitalism pushes all minds into the reptilian worship of too much greed...
The false subjective and objective maps - The bottom end of both is true love, family and community, but the top end of both is false reptilian greed, blindness and confusion.
Most everyone is in subjective denial and hate of the objective or in objective denial and hate of the subjective.
Everyone is viewing and or perceiving a partial false map of either subjective or objective realities.
The incompletenesses are the perceptions of partially false maps of reality.
The history of the world mind from Platonic relationships to reptilian relationships.
`33 to `73 - A global state of virtue - `73 to `05 - An insidious slide into reptilian terror..
Platonic relationships and reptilian relationships...
The Rich's reptilian greed is unsuccessfully trying to expound on love and family values, and the Poor's reptilian love is unsuccessfully trying to expound on greed and capitalist values.
The deconstruction of Roosevelt's New Deal - Origin...
How the reptilian mind of greed builds false perception maps for everyone...
The reptilian brain of greed - The theoretical map of capitalist beliefs - The non-relative false objective theories - The perception - The false subjective battles against the false map - The non-relative subjective perceptions of the false objective capitalist map - The lost all!
The non-relative subjective and objective maps and the true reptilian natural mind map - The worship of the non-relative maps of false objectivity and false subjectivity...
The denials of subjective and or objective realities...
The objective has fallen into the worship of reptilian greed and the subjective is battling it with reptilian love...
The redefinition of true capitalist perceptions...
The false subjective and objective enlightenments...
The law of the conservation of capital, in present commercial constitutional capitalism, is a zero-sum game!
Is the greater good served best by financing corporate power?
Liberal social justice is just the gun of law at the corporate head of power, trying to rob them, and in turn simply financing more corporate power!
Corporate power is most the percent of global national debts.
No matter what social justice laws are passed, corporate power is increased, through debtor power increase.
Present liberal social justice only comes at the increase of increasing global corporate debtor power.
The corporate central ownership of government debt...
The corporate central government...
Present corporate debtor power increases, proportionately, with social justice increase.
The larger the present liberal social welfare system, the greater is the corporate debtor power.
The high price tag of present liberal social justice, is simply the extreme increase of corporate finance.
Present global public debt finances corporations to the tune of $40 to $80 trillion, verses $40 trillion of global economies.
Is the greater good served best by the corporate ownership of public debt?
The capitalist cannibal - Liberals use the law as a gun to rob the Rich, and in turn are robbed of democracy.
The present conservation of capital law of money and law - You can not increase public justice without decreasing private justice.
Is the greater good served by...?
The present conservation of capital law - You can not increase social justice without increasing corporate injustice.
The #1 law of present capitalism - Corporate power must increase to increase the greater good.???
The greater corporate government debtor power...
In the end, present style capitalism cannibalizes democracy.
All present liberal social justice laws feed corporate finance and power.
The present conservation of capital law - The evil dis-equilibrium!
The new conservation of capital law - The good equilibrium!
Transfer pricing - The on-shore, off-shore game!
The present conservation of capital law - There is no free lunch!
The Rich are taking big hits on 3rd world debt.
Low wage's indirect slavery...
Modern capitalistic democracy's indirect totalitarianism...
26I.The Absolute & Infinite Balance of Powers of The Universe - The Grand Equilibrium!
The Infinite Complexity of The Absolute Mind!
The Scientific Natural Law Soul
A Natural Absolute Logic System
The Natural Law Logic System of All Souls
The Incomplete Absolutes
Soul - The deep infinite self. Mind - The deep finite self...
The duality of infinite reality, and finite reality...
The intuitive mystical and pure luck...
The world mind is going the opposite direction of the world soul.
The absolute equilibriated universal ideal...
The mathematical essences of equilibriums...
Logic divides infinity to equilibrium.
The infinity dividers - Soul and logic - Soul is the brain of emotions and logic is the brain of mind - Soul decides right and wrong and logic decides true and false...
***"There's no decision without division!"***
The mind's major essences - Division and uniting - Essence - Divide and unite...
The linguistic problem - The mind's capacity to infinitely divide words - The world's many word puzzles...!
Mythology is the pessimists demanding optimism is impossible - The mythical ideology of pessimists...!
Logical intuitiveness and non-logical intuitiveness...
The metaphysical fault in metaphysical dishonesty...
The rudimentary dishonesty of the predicate logic underlying the axioms of foundational thought, and all religiosity...
The infinite, finitized, is the total logical truth of the whole mind.
The infinite and finite fallicies must be turned to finite truths...
We must mathematize the spirit to solve the religious wars' problems.
What ought the spiritual be...?
***Once the mind leaves the finite world, it enters the infinite abstractions.
***The true verses the infinite abstractions...
***The natural laws are the first principle of the absolute whole. There is no exit. The only choice is to ask what the absolute whole truly and logically is.
***There's no exit from the epistemological absolute by simply stating the relative, because that produces an absolute statement, in and of itself. There's simply no exit from the absolute whole.
The principle foundations of beliefs and their violations - Fear...!
A scientific logic system powerful enough to replace the "gods..."
Everyone's natural soul and mind contains a natural law logic system powerful enough to prove any and all sound truths and ideas - It's a common sense mathematical equilibriator.
The soul of "god" and man is a mathematical computer of natural law logic.
The #1 natural law is the universal equilibrium of all the natural laws of mathematical logic.
The #1 law of mathematical logic is the universal equilibrium of all the natural laws of soul and mind...
The natural law soul links all realism and idealism.
***The law of one - The law of absolute equilibrium. The mathematics of one is absolute equilibrium.
The absolute mathematical equilibriator is the intellect of the finite universal essence. [supposition]
Godel's trans-rational and trans-finite logic...
Analyze your essence without words, to truly see it...
The eternal natural law of logic...
The natural laws are the soul of the mind.
26P.The Many Emotional and Perceptual Levels of Reality
The Frame - The Natural Law Frame
The Identicalities of Epistemological Realities
The Quantifiability Test of Knowledge
The Greatest Truth - Choice!
The Equilibrium of Egalitarianism
***"To make abstractions hold in reality is to destroy reality." Hegel
"Consciousness determines social action." A.Grensci
"Our knowledge can be finite, while our ignorance must necessarily be infinite" Karl Popper
"Psychology is ideology." Karl Popper
A process philosophy mind map to bridge the subjective/objective - The physical/meta - The East/West - The female/male divides.
The subjective/objective gap...
The separation/unification process of the understanding...
Emotional and intellectual honesty and dishonesty - The two greatest demons...
The battles of academic ideologies...
The East's spiritual abstract existentialism - The West's reasoning abstract existentialism - The intuitive mathematical middle...
If all infinite ideas and feelings are mathematized through an equilibrium algorithm, we can see and create the whole finite universal mind.
The degrees of honesty of authenticity...
The two major truths - The finite and the infinite...
The mind requires other to deparadox through classification agreement.
Choice and agreement are the foundations of knowledge and truth.
The truth was physically created first, before written language - House roofs, triangles, squares, rectangles, etc.
Axiology - Value theory and morality/ethics judgment.
The equilibriation of axiology...
A problem - ideological axiology...
The two schools of science - Axiological axiom based and logical axiom based...
Two truth systems - The is and the ought-to-be...
The is and ought to be gap - The truth gap...!
The ought-to-be state of mind...
The ought-to-be ideal state...
The ought-to-be state of truth...
The reverse engineering of ideas verses the perverse re-engineering of ideas - classic verses post-modern.
The metaphysical is true to the metaphysical aspects of life and the physical is true to the physical aspects of life, and both often operate dialogically opposing to each.
The missing dialogical between the metaphysical and the physical - The intuitive perception?
A dialogical mind map between the metaphysical and the physical - The spiritual and the scientific - Intuitive perception?
The incomplete dialogical essence - The unconscious will?
We need a new dialogical mind map to fully process the total dynamics of philosophy - meta and physical.
The unconscious entanglement of the metaphysical and the physical mind worlds into the dialogical.
The major problems with classifications of words, thoughts, ideas and truths...
The metaphysical and physical worlds...
The metaphysical is often an abstract to the logical and the complex logical is often an abstract to the metaphysical.
The choice of metaphysical intent makes the metaphysical true, yet often untrues the physical, and the choice of physical intent makes the physical true, and often untrues the metaphysical.
A problem - The collision choices of mata and physical realities...
The two truth systems - Meta and physical - Spirit and science.
The meta side of the mind wants prescedence over the physical and the physical side of the mind wants prescedence over the meta side, of each and every person.
The two languages' dialogues we use to denote the meta and physical worlds is one, yet not conducive to easy understanding, due to its finite and infinite dualistic qualities, and is only quantifiably trued in its separate, yet united domains.
The self-priorities of one's mind's actions - The choices it takes toward meta and physical intents. The meta and physical intent entanglements of selfs...
The truth of intentional choice...
The highly unequal values of rational and irrational truths...
Cognitive metaphysics - The cognitive study of self.
We all talk from our mind's eyes.
The soul's/mind's eye contains the overarching mind map of logical and illogical intuitive sight.
Truth is in the logical/illogical mind's eye of its intuitive sight.
The logical/illogical intuitive visions of the mind's eye - The mind map...
The mind's and soul's eyes are the bridges of truth between the East and West - Female and male...
The mind's and soul's eyes' truths of intuitional choice...
Essence and agents as objects verses subjects...
Essence as process agent evolving...
The Godelian logic concept of the concept space allows one to step outside the mind's and soul's eyes into the supra-eye.
Assertiveness depends on the size of the ego and thus men's public advantage over women. Women are usually and most often more humble than men. The female weakness - A lack of assertive egoness. Yet, if it weren't for women, we'd have constant male egoistic war.
Postmodernism - The philosophy of non-logical meaninglessness.
The world's big difference since Einstein - Ego self-discovery verses other-worldly-ness.
A good Boolean logic being used to create an evil process...
A problem - The dual intuitionistic schools of thought - Intuitionistic metaphysics and intuitionistic logic.
The dual nature of personal experience - objective and subjective - and the real/abstract mix.
Real and abstract intuition - The dual mind states of...
The self-paradoxing mind due to its three major qualities - real, abstract and metaphoric[dreams].
The ideal produces the lawgivers...
The logical mind of man has produced and pushed irrational logic to the edge of earth's destruction.
Love, morality and the golden rule - Metaphysical ideals worshipped as the truth - Un-ideal...
The separation theory of materialist and spiritualist realities to see the truth of historical determinism. T.Hobbes
Idealism - The union of the knower and the known...
The "framing" of reality in delicate language, and the "framing" of reality in arrogant language, identicalities.
The unchanging essence is absolutely required to maintain human stability in a changing world - The theory of identity.
The falsifiability theorem of science proves all infinite abstracts as unscientific.
Analytic philosophy...
The linguistics of the axioms...
Ideologies built on the false linguistics of the axioms of predicate logic...
The danger of the rational relativity of neutrality is - "All truths respected is no truth respected!"
Subjectivism and objectivism - Idealism and phenomenology...
The ideological philosophies...
The ideology of self-psychology...
Ancient to, and new realism - Plato to Balzac - Opposites.
Richard Rorty's inter-subjectivity...
Hegel's notion of something unknown greater than you___superconsciousness...
The illogical relativity of neutrality...
The many levels of irrational truths and the many levels of rational truths.
The nihilistic unconscious wills of computers controlling the world...
The nihilistic unconscious will of the nation, nations and the world...
The narcissistic nihilist top verses the nihilistic narcissistic bottom...
Nihilistic Boolean and perceptron logic operating against the human race - How long?
***East and West - Intellect in intellect looking at itself...
The individual imperative verses the collective imperative...
The mathematical logical "frame" over the axiomatic ethereal "frame..."
The "framing" of moral arguments with natural law logic - The moral argument assassinates itself...
Essence works and sees best under the widest separation of powers possible.
One of the truest foundations for morality is economics - Good when rich and progressive, and bad when poor and backward...
Morality is most often economically dual meaning.
The moral agent of essence is not essence, but only essence agent's creation, from the many.
Earth Changes and The Intellectual Vacuum...
The "new language" required to dialogue the mixed metaphors of infinite and finite spirits is "The Absolute Completenesses."
Gender equilibrium - Each side is denying the rationalism of each's logic - Each sees the other as true irrational logic, thus creating a world governed by a-rationalism. [male-female same as East-West]
The known unknown of irrational a-rationalism - The vacuous present...
A-rationalism - A vacuous state of truth...
The a-rational transcendence into supra-rational, supra-consciousness of the absolute completed whole.
The female and male metaphors of individual truths - The marriage of metaphors in the universal complete...
The universal unknown - The unconscious will of the super-consciousness - The union of all metaphors - Stories.
A universal equilibriating completeness dialogue, of gender egalitarianism.
The one-sidedness of community verses the two-sidedness of community and universality...
The global need of the marriage of community and universality...
The female community and the male universality...
The humble must marry the grandiose - The female humble ideals of community and family must be married with the male grandiose ideals of the universals.
Gender equilibrium - The #1 universal ideal - True understanding...
The universal equilibrium of gender egalitarianism.
***The #1 law of successful communication - Successful communication must be based on a universal completeness dialogue of equilibriating gender egalitarianism.
The true egalitarianism of scientifically true ideas...
26S.The two major levels of truth - Logic and mystic - Love and sex...
Female logic/spirit/emotion systems necessities - self-security...!
The `60's sexual revolution is still in full swing in `07.
The highest equilibrium of spirits is found in the highest equilibrium of the natural sexual soul/ego, understanding.
The ultimate ego-soul!
26T.The Mysteries of The Unconscious Mind
The Unconscious Will
The Science of The Reptilian Brain and Trickster...
The unconscious intuition...
The unconsciousness - The undefined infinities and finites...
The unconscious entanglement - The infinite ideas mixed with the finite...
Some people's consciousnesses are the unconsciousnesses of others.
Our past superconscious history is the unconscious entanglement.
***The unconscious superconscious is the past.
The past is the spirit - The infinite/finite is the present real…???
What we're conscious of is what we're unconscious of - The past.
The past is the unconscious, because there is nothing else!
The greatest truth - The past - History...
The two largest energies of the unconscious mind triggering through the mind/body connection of peptides, to physically/mentally choose the finite intent against the infinite intent, or opposite, is our reality.
The unconscious shadow government of the mind...
The unconscious will - Ghost in the machine - Descartes
What we're objectively semiconscious of, is what we're subjectively unconscious of.
Our unconsciousness is our consciousness not known to us, as it truly being our unconscious entangled controller.
The concept of action and the unconscious will...
The evolution of minds - The semiconscious wills trying to become conscious of the unconscious wills...
The unconscious entanglements of minds creates the varied intents of wills, which push us into our unconsciously chosen beliefs, creeds and ideologies. There we get stuck. Therefore, I choose to be an anti-ideologue - This is also an ideology of anti-ideology. The beliefs are all ascendencies - The anti-beliefs are all descendencies - Faith up and logic down - Cynics up and skeptics down.
Math and science's discovery in the "other worldly" myth verses discovery in the self - The source of the unconscious entanglement. [partial truths]
The problem of not wanting to sound egoistic - Science even pollutes its own knowledge base by stating belief of sources in "other worldly" - than in its self.
In order to avoid ego we all lie to ourselves - The unconscious to conscious entanglements of self-creeds.
The unconscious finite/infinite entangled will.
The unconscious finite/infinite entanglements of minds.
The unconscious to conscious of finite and infinite realities of minds and truths.
The ego avoidance pathology of the unconscious wills.
The unconscious mind and will - The soul of the infinite/finite entanglements.
The scientific dilemma - The unconscious ego…???
All problems and pathologies come from hiding the unconscious ego in the conscious social personality.???
In the unconscious mind, the infinite intelligence must create the finite intelligence - The giant wisdom puzzle of the universal all…???
The $64 thousand dollar question - How does the infinite logic produce the finite logic? The battle of emotional respect by logical respect. By creating beings with both emotional senses and logical senses, the mind's self-battles produces the realities of the real semi-civil world of lesser ego personalities. Were it any different, we would be either egoistic killers, or weak shmoosing lovers. In order to progress evolutionarily, it must be as is, in the middle of these two poles - semi-civil by the overseer in the unconscious entanglements. Life is, simply, the great logical/emotional compromise.
Most all discovery and knowledge is found in self-discovery.???
The adrenaline Trickster! The hidden adrenaline driving forces of unconscious wills...
The hidden drive - The unconscious will...
Omega-man and the balanced Trickster ego. Alpha-man and the balanced Trickster ego...
The Trickster of tautologies...!
Nature's Tricksters...!
The Trickster soul - The balancer of imbalances...
The two absolute truths - Trickster soul and the universal soul...
The two souls - The universal soul balance of Trickster soul, and the Trickster imbalance and balance of imbalances!
Alpha to omega - From balanced to imbalanced balances, and back to balance.
The entire mind uses both balances and imbalances to balance the imbalances of balances.
The great master minds were all great Tricksters!
The intricate Trickster soul uses both balances and imbalances to balance the imbalances!
The concept of all concepts - The concept of many Trickster souls, within the Trickster soul, within the universal Trickster soul, within the finite universal soul!
26U.The Intellectual Conundrums - Relativity - Uncertainty - Incompleteness
The Circle of Incompleteness
The Subjective Space and The Objective Space
The Grand Mistakes - Einstein - Heisenburg - Godel
Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity
Godel's Space-Time Relativity
The Highly Intelligent Self-Creating Universe [supposition]
"The concept of existence... cannot be relativized without destroying its meaning completely." Godel
"No physical theory of local hidden variables can ever reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics." Bell's theorem
Intuitionistic science...
Intuitive time before Einstein...
The real inside the theoretical, inside the real, or Leibniz/Einstein - Universal absolute mind...
Einstein is the theoretical inside the real universal mind/soul
Matter - The body of the spirit/soul - The finite/infinite matter of soul...
Relativity, uncertainty, and incompleteness - The holy trinity of ambiguity!
The blind theory - "Motion creates gravity" - How?
In a curved space-time universe, you wouldn't see a center black hole, even if there was one.
The hidden, space-time curved, black hole center of the universe...
The impossibility of a black hole center footprint due to the differences in earth's and the universe's ages.
The eternal now space is identical everywhere - There's no constant center - The center is eternally everywhere at once.???[supposition]
***The theory of everything is an intellectual completeness statement of the absolute wisdom.
The absolute truths of the known systems - The natural laws!
***Godel and the incompleteness of relativity and quantum mechanics...
Einstein - Heisenburg - Godel - If, No, Maybe...
Einstein - An intellectual exercise...
A logical intelligence beyond Einstein, Heisenburg, and Godel...
Is infinity, finite?
Time knowledge and space knowledge - The apex of natural law's wisdom...
The fundamental natural laws are the only absolute cosmological and self-constants.
The axiomatic cosmological constants of choice that make physics and cosmology incomplete...
When relativity views relativity, it is required to see relativity.
Relativity, the uncertainty principle, quantum mechanics and the incompleteness theorems are in absolute equilibrium with the absolute and infinite natural laws.
***When incompleteness views incompleteness, it is required to see incompleteness.
The axiom stating the uncertainty principle is happening, when you can't even prove it is, by the circular truth of its own unknown. The axiomatic math of quantum mechanics is built upon an un-provable unknown!
The axiomatic, un-provable, unknown of the uncertainty principle and quantum mechanics - It states its own uncertainty and tries to prove its other than it is. The natural law states you can't prove an uncertainty with an uncertainty - Tis the concept of the impossible - You can't prove infinity or infinite action. [sometimes it just is]
The concept of the impossible - The uncertainty principle! [explain]
Uncertainty - The observing machine is operating at the same speed, or less, as the observed - Can't observe the true picture - The viewer's conundrum!
The viewer's conundrum - How do you view the speed of light, with a machine that can't reach the speed of light?
Uncertainty is a self-created axiomatic incomplete concept, in and of itself.
The concept uncertainty is what it is - A truth self-reflected unto itself - An incomplete dead end!
Absolute equilibrium requires an internal uncertainty for feelings and reality to function - The uncertainty of positive and yin-yang energies' necessities to function - Feelings require differences and samenesses to function within the greater general equilibrium.
The general equilibrium theorem - Differences of uncertainty do and must exist to create samenesses!
Nietzsche and the uncertainty principle - "Stare into the abyss long enough, and the abyss stares back into you."
What is beyond background radiation and the entire universe?
The super-conductive universe origin [minus Kelvin to the infinite?] [supposition]
The natural laws are all both "now" time and infinite time spaces - "Concepts of spaces."
The subjective time, and the objective time...
The axiomatic cosmological time construct...
The axiomatic cosmological point construct...
Space beyond time - The mind's law space…???
The space-time incomplete duality - One, not - Is two!
Space and time are separate individual concepts.
Einstein's mistake - The unity of dual concepts...
The "now" concept space that contains time...
Godel proved space-time relativity incomplete. He proved the axiomatization of space-time relativity. [supposition]
The Godelian now space beyond Einsteinian space-time...
Time exists in the "now" space concept, and the moving clock concept.
The "now" is locked in space-time.
The true universal ideal, through the infinite and absolute natural laws, is the only way to exit the space locked "now" clock time.
The true "now," and the true infinite time spaces...
The theorem of physical time and internal "now" time consciousness...
Eternal essence sees time as the eternal "now."
External essence sees time as a finite extension.
The two concepts of time - The infinite internal "now," and the finite external changing.
Intuitive time, and formal time...
True space-time is "now" - absolute "now."
Internal conceptualizing and external conceptualizing - Self-concepting and object concepting...
The gravity fields...
The laws of gravity requires black holes in a shrinking or expanding universe - figure skater example. [supposition]
Universal births progressively evolve - The natural laws of progression - Each new black hole starts with more new matter. [supposition]
Physics' axiomatic supposition math - The birth # mystery...
Universal inflation is bogus without pre-big-bang evolution - A natural law impossible anomaly. [supposition]
The many bang evolution of the big bang... [supposition]
The smaller bangs to big bang evolutionary creation - Nature evolves in mini-steps, only. [supposition]
The original small bang and progressively larger bangs that produced our universe big-bang birth.[supposition]
The 96'th birth of the universal - Title [supposition]
The natural laws hold universal evolution to a small bangs theory first. [supposition based on natural law anomaly]
The one time big-bang anomaly - The impossibility of such a one time natural law anomaly. [supposition]
Black holes - Universes inside universes - Galaxies inside galaxies. [supposition]
Exploding black holes? Exploding galaxies?
The micro-logical puzzle [uncertainty] is answered in the macro-logical absoluteness of trans-finte logic. [conjecture yet provable]
The uncertainty illusion - Light can't observe light at the speed of light - Light speed limited...
The axiomatic, relativistic uncertainty and incomplete states of consciousness...
When you want to find the answers to the small, look into its anti-thesis - The big - Micro-logic to macro-logic...
Uncertainty viewing uncertainty is an axiomatic observation, in and of itself. [axiomatic meaning incomplete]
The incomplete uncertainty principle…
When uncertainty views uncertainty, it is required to see uncertainty. [Poincare's singularity paradox]
The uncertainty principle of relativity...
The conservation of matter/energy law is incomplete.
The life energy - The philanthropic energy...
Most don't realize Godel extended the relative to the absolute - Einstein to Godel.
26X.The Philosophy of Perceptronic Objectivism
The Philosophy of The Self-Interest Perceptron
The Reverse Engineering of Thinking and Thought
The Reverse Engineering of Universality
The Intuitive Perceptron
Self Is The Prime Perceptron
The Collapse of Fiat Money
The Age of The Loss of Truth
A Perceptronic Vision - The Absolute Truth - Will Is Only Free Inside Money
True Perceptron Enlightenment
The Perfect Capitalist-Communist Tautological Utopia!
"A theory that proves itself more successful in predicting and controlling our world than its rivals is said to be nearer the truth." C.Peirce [this is an operational notion of truth employed by scientists]
"The subjective consciousness is a cognitive illusion." Daniel Dennett
"There's no subjective enlightenment." L.G.
"The ultimate universal truth is the fear of one's unknown, complicated by or verses, the truth of what was, is and can be or should be." L.J.G.
The absolute ground of truth - We can stand on the absolute natural laws to be objective and true.
The equilibriated union of spirit and logic is truth.
The known is up-side-down and or incomplete.
The operational notion of scientific truth - Economics is the nearest to the epistemological truth controlling our world - Thus is the prime truth - Money is the prime truth.
Individual states can write international constitutions - Legally!
The grand equilibrium is the set of all sets - The mind is the set of all sets.
The mathematical construction of international constitutions...
The one-sided reverse engineering of ideas...
The three major schools of thought - Spiritual, epistemological and relativistic.
Logical self-interest, mutually respected, creates our present morality.
True nature values, morality and ethics are all equilibriated self-interests.
Objective logical quantifiable self-interest...
The subjective enlightenment is a cognitive illusion.
***There's no wisdom without system change.
The perceptron's forward logic - Capital controls are now absolutely necessary to save the nation and world.
Perception - The observed and the perceived are one - The identicalities of selfs...
A perceptron is a binary feed-forward logic classifier.
Perceptrons - Forward logic systems...
Present values - A true action system - A respect for others self-interest to further own...
The earth's monuments to self-interest, proofs, in and of themselves...
The evidence of self-interest - It exists, therefore it is.
The subjective is unquantifiable and unprovable - The objective is quantifiable and provable. [until gender equilibrium knowledge is accepted]
Self-interest is the one emotion we can evidentiary qualify and quantify - It is the concept of imbalanced and equilibriated, quantifiable self-interest.
The renaming conspiracy...
***P=NP - Infinity divided by equilibrium = Truth!***
Plural logic - Plural quantification...
Rigorous and creative math and truth...
Nyaya Sutra - B.C. Logic - Aksapada Gautama - India...
Three communication choices - To finitize - To Infinitize - To scramble or unscramble with scramble.
Religions - The philosophy of fear...!
Religions - The superconscious ideologies of fear...!
Ideologies - The philosophy of fear...!
The trouble with absolute truth is "it's possibly communist...!"
Supply and demand communism…???
The soul don't fit the mind...!