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The Liquidity Trap
I am presently working on an updated and clearer explanation of my past and present writings on other sites, and at some of the ones listed here. My ideas are blends and extensions of Alfred Marshall's, Paul Einzig's, Rudi Dornbusch's, Robert Mundell's, Paul Krugman's, and Edward Hugh's ideas about the world changes needed in the monetary system.

It will take some time to finish my thoughts, so for now, enjoy my meager thoughts and links.


Rudiger Dornbusch - Crises of The `90's
Deflation Update

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

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"If I were King, there'd be no more poverty, crime, or war! I would institute a new monetary system I call `INTERNAL EXCHANGE CLEARING.' This is a monetary proposal of perfect competition to end all wars, poverty, crime and unite all nations to build a perfect, united, diversified world... Due to the present world acting as a hap-hazard exchange clearing machine, the monetary will of the world demands a trade from `the imperial lie - you can't print wealth' to `ecotics - a new moral philosophy of money.'

`INTERNAL EXCHANGE CLEARING' is monetizing debt into a P.X. social contract of negative reserve triple entry banking and markets, to control inflation with wealth, to evolve the world to a state of monetary liberty. Under this system `INTERNAL EXCHANGE CLEARING' balances floating exchanges, through the formula of `E=1/5X.' (where E is economics' perfect competition and X is world or national exchanges)

The house of fundamental monetary truths shows the monetary system's spiritual hand of greed controls all life through money. Furthermore, the world is a gambling casino of greed designed and sanctioned by God. Money is the mind of the spirit. The bankers are the dealers. Government is the laws and we are the hands playing the cards of greed. This my friends must change!!!

Who's country is it? –– The billionaires – or the people's?!!!"

A New Monetary System



"All problems using crude money must be overcome to survive the future eco-techno-electrosphere."

"Since the first wave agricultural revolution only required simple single entry banking –– and the second wave industrial revolution invented and required double entry banking –– then the third wave technological revolution [will] invent and [require] "TRIPLE ENTRY BANKING.""

In 1982 I empirically discovered an entirely new capitalist monetary system. This system is in direct evolution with the existing system. It is fully compatible with all known forms of money systems –– past – present – or future. The system is INTERNAL EXCHANGE CLEARING –– TRIPLE ENTRY BANKING – a transactions truth. This new monetary system can be implemented cost free and effectively either unilaterally or globally. It can be instituted on a percentage basis from one percent, to twenty percent –– its most cost effective and productive percentage of operations' basis.